Twists and Turns, Swings and Roundabouts


dance.jpg Twist

Paint or draw with chalk all the letters of the alphabet, then shout out a word. Pupils must jump between letters to spell the word correctly. Alternatively, the teacher shouts out the spelling of the word’s letters in the correct order and pupils guess what the word spells.

dance.jpg It’s Your Turn !

Resources – post it notes or small pieces of paper and pens. One member of the group takes a turn at being the group leader, being with the first letter of the alphabet. The group arranges themselves into alphabetical order. All other group members write as many words that they can think of with the same first initial as the leader, then work in teams to allocate the written words into categories. Some ideas may be –

verbs/adjectives/nouns or past/present/future or vegetable/mineral/animal/edible/non – edible.

Example, when it is Jackie’s turn – jump, jacket, jolt, jest, jeer, jealously.

dance.jpg Swings

This spelling game works best in conjunction with a swing. “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing !”. The teacher shouts out the verb root and the pupils add the “swing”. Example – GO and the pupils, reply “go – ing”.

dance.jpg Roundabouts

Allocate the group into two teams and think of as many words including “round” and including “about” as possible. The winning team thinks of the most.

* you can use the names “Twists”, “Turns”, “Swings” and “Roundabouts” as team names.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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