The Snooker Cue Who Accused The Snooker Ball of Not Standing In The Queue


The snooker balls were all lined up straight. They’d been stood in a line for hours and still had to wait. The red was first, he’d been up early, followed by the green ball, whose hair was still curly. The black ball bounced off the felt, he karate chopped so much, he should have got a black belt. The snooker cue told everyone to be as straight as the blue, but even then, the white ball jumped in the queue. “Hey, you !”, the snooker cue shout, telling the balls not to wriggle about. But none of the balls could stay at all still. They rolled to the snooker pockets and over the hill. The pink ball was the worst of all. He bounced off the table and into the wall.

snooker1.jpg A Cue For A Cue Game

Write ten sentences including the word “cue” and the word “queue”. Do you know the difference ?

* Teacher’s note – this poem can be used in conjunction with a snooker set, or simply pictures of different coloured balls drawn on a chalkboard which are added up in various order.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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