Jack Beanstalk’s Black Forest Gateau


Jack Beanstalk bumped into Squire Squirrel one day. He asked where he was going, and he said to get a cake take – away. Squire Squirrel had been collecting acorns for a cake. He needed at least a kilo for the bake he was going to make. He collected some mud from the wood and made it into a pie. Then he mixed in a few twigs and asked Jack Beanstalk if he’d like a try. He powdered his cake with snowdrops … and sprinkled cocoa on the top. Then he mixed in a few worms … that he bought from a fishing tackle shop. Although Squire Squirrel said that he should chuck it in the bin, Jack Beanstalk quickly tucked in. Mmmm, it tasted divine (especially when washed down with beetle juice wine). A slice for each of the caterpillars that crawled on the trunk. Very soon, they were all completely drunk ! Jack Beanstalk’s gateau grew so big, he had to eat it with a branch, not a knife and fork or a twig. He made a gateau plateau to see over the top, and when crumbs fell off it, a milllion miles away, as they dropped, you could hear the plop. Jack Beanstalk added a portion of cream – what a dream. Jack Beanstalk’s gateau was the biggest that the forest had ever seen. He made his cake at night, when there wasn’t any light. That’s why Jack Beanstalk’s gateau was completely black, not white, so no – one could could see how big was his bite !

cap57n6s.jpg 1. One slice of Jack Beanstalk’s cake needed 5 acorns – how many acorns is that if the cake had 6 slices ?

cap57n6s.jpg 2. One quarter of Jack Beanstalk’s cake weighed 2.5 kg, what did the entire cake weigh ?

cap57n6s.jpg 3. Jack Beanstalk’s cake needed 600 snowdrops. This was 50 % of the entire number of snowdrops in the wood. How many snowdrops therefore, were in the wood ? Write an algebraic equation to work out your answer.

cap57n6s.jpg 4. Jack Beanstalk’s cake needed measured 75 cm across the middle. Work out the surface area a) of the whole cake b) of half. cap57n6s.jpg 5. One caterpillar ate 20 grams of Jack Beanstalk’s cake. How many caterpillars were needed to eat the entire 50 kg ?

cap57n6s.jpg 6. Jack Beanstalk’s cake drank one 200 mls glass of beetle juice with every slice if cake. If he ate 8 slices, how much wine did he drink ? cap57n6s.jpg 7. Squire Squirrel ate 10 % of Jack Beanstalk’s cake before he was caught and ran away. If the cake weighed 1 kg, how much was left ?

cap57n6s.jpg 8. When Jack Beanstalk sprinkled cocoa on his cake, he sneezed ! His sneeze shook the leaves. If 90 % of the 2000 leaves fell off the tree – how many were left ?

cap57n6s.jpg 9. Jack Beanstalk’s cake put 20 candles onto his cake, but 0.2 blew out in the wind. How many were lit ?

cap57n6s.jpg 10. Jack Beanstalk’s cake slipped right off the plate ! No wonder dinner was late and Squire Squirrel had to wait ! If dinner was due to be served at 6 p.m. but was 45 minutes late, what time did they all start to eat on the 24 hour clock ?


What’s the fastest cake in the world ? Answer – s – con – e !

Circle the word “con” inside these words :







ice – cream cone













© Jacqueline Richards 2007Answers :1. 6 x 5 = 30 acorns2. 2.5 x 4 = 10 kg

3. total no. of snowdrops (100 %) = x + 600 = 1200

4. 3.14 x 37.5 x 37.5 = 4,415.625 sq cm 5. 50 x 1000 / 20 = 2, 5006. 1, 600 mls7. 1000 – (1000 / 100 x 10 = 100) = 900 grams8. 2000 – (2000 / 100 x 90 = 1800) = 200

9. 20 – (20 / 10 x 2 = 4) = 16

10. 18.45 hours

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