Most Mammoth Maths Quiz


The Mammoth didn’t like maths much. Every time he went to sit down at the desk, he squashed it like a broken rabbit hutch. When the mammoth went to school, he was so big, he broke every school rule. The mammoth was so large, he broke into the physics class with an electric charge. The mammoth had a mammoth maths appetite – he ate three multiplications in just one bite. He was so mammoth that when he went to divide, three dinosaurs ran away to hide. The mammoth had a mammoth maths book, too – which contained questions, almost two million and two. Being mammoth, it grew and grew. Whenever the mammoth got a question right – he jumped up and down – amongst the tigers, it caused quite a fright. The leopard couldn’t sleep tight that night … he was worried about his homework – his maths problems weren’t at all slight – he got more wrong than he got right. As his mammoth maths calculator added some more, suddenly a huge hole appeared in the floor. As he started to begin, the mammoth mathematically fell right in … The most mathematical mammoth had the biggest tusks … which huffed and puffed as he studied till after dusk. When the most mammoth mammoth shook his fur, all of this counting caused quite a stir. When the mammoth mammoth blinked again … another of the pots fell off the windowpane. The mammoth mostly liked maths best, but his fleas were becoming a pest. As he itched, his whiskers twitched … the mammoth’s calculator on and off switched. So he decided to let them help – “All line up !”, he gave a yelp. Using the fleas, he added and subtracted … before very long, his maths problems retracted. The mammoth’s appetite for maths was so mammoth – he had his heads in his books for over a month. Because the mammoth his homework rushed, all of the pages became quite crushed. He was such a weighty chap, he flattened a magazine when he took a nap. In the geography class, he got in a terrible flap. When he sat on a chair, you could hear it “SNAP !”. The most mammoth mammoth was such a size, there was hurricane when he flutterd his eyes ! Eventually, two thousand years later, when the mammoth had become extinct, he was put in a museum, where people counted his bones and studied his links. Sometimes late at night, when all the lights were switched off in the dark, the mammoth’s rattling bones could still be heard, when around the museum his ghost started to walk.

Write a mathematical equation to show your working out to the following maths problems, first work out if they are : %, division, comparisons, ratio, decimal, addition, fraction, multiplication, veliocity, speed, weight, subtraction, length, distance, algebra.

mammoth-5.jpg 1. The mammoth couldn’t decide which way to go – wandering around, he made 400 footprints in the snow. When Winter came, 5% disappeared. How many were left ?

mammoth-5.jpg 2. The mammoth’s hair grew so thick – he styled into a mammoth flick. If the mammoth’s hair grew at a speed of 5 cm every day. How long was his hair after a week ?

mammoth-5.jpg 3. The mammoth’s tusk grew at a speed of 10 cm every week, but this was only 1 : 15 proportion of the final length of his tusks – how long did they eventually grow, therefore ?

mammoth-5.jpg 4. When the mammoth stomped his feet, eight roadsigns fell down in the street ! If there was one roadsign every 500 metres, and the street was 2.5 km long,

a) How many roadsigns were in the street ?

b) How many were knocked over ?

c) How many roadsigns were left ?

d) What fraction, decimal and percentage of the roadsigns were knocked over ?

e) What fraction, decimal and percentage of the roadsigns were left ?

mammoth-5.jpg 5. When he was counting to forty – four, the mammoth made a terrible roar. He was even louder when he snored ! Work out the difference between one of the mammoth’s roars (25 decibels on the ricter scale) and his snores (250 decibels).

mammoth-5.jpg 6. Even the mammoth’s fleas became mathematic, they jumped up an down performing magic circus tricks. If the mammoth had 700 fleas but they multiplied by four. How many were there then ?

mammoth-5.jpg 7. The mammoth maths magazine contained 150 pages, each 0.1 cm thick. When the mammoth sat on it, it became half that width.

a) How thick was it originally ?

b) How wide was it after the mammoth sat on it ?

mammoth-5.jpg 8. Work out how tall the mammoth was if it 30% of his body was under the snow when the snow was 750 cm deep ? Give your answer in cm and m.

mammoth-5.jpg 9. Every day, the mammoth ate 3 trees – each weighing 60 kg. What weight of wood did the mammoth eat in one week ?

mammoth-5.jpg 10. The mammoth was three – quarters of the height of the tree. If the tree was 120 metres high, how big was the mammoth ?

mammoth-5.jpg 11. The mammoth’s chair in class was 200 cm high, how big was each piece if it snapped into two pieces ?

mammoth-5.jpg 12. The mammoth went to his history class, but was so wide, no – one else could pass ! The corridor was 3 m wide. How wide was the mammoth if he was 0.3 bigger than this ?

mammoth-5.jpg 13. The mammoth lined up 800 fleas on his desk … 0.8 fell off. How many were left ?

mammoth-5.jpg 14. When the mammoth stomped on the jungle bench, three squirrels fell off the fence. If the squirrels flew through the air at a speed of 50 metres / minute, how long did it take them to reach the floor (labelled “x”) , 5 metres below ?

mammoth-5.jpg 15. The mammoth needed new batteries in his calculator every 4 hours. If his monthly homework lasted 25 hours, how many batteries did he need ?

mammoth-5.jpg 16. There were 5 mammoths in the museum, a total of 1500 bones. On average, how many bones did each mammoth have ?


Mama Mia !

Circle the letters M – A – M inside these the words, then make a sentence as an example.





















A Mammoth Appetite

Circle the words that also mean mammoth in the list below. Then sort out the list into big and small words.






































© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers :

1. 400 – (400 / 100 x 5 = 20) = 380

2. 5 x 7 = 35 cm

3. 1 : 15 = 1 : 150 cm

4. a) 2500 / 50 = 50 b) 8 c) 50 – 8 = 42 d) i) 8 / 50 = 4 / 25 ths ii) 0.16 iii) 16% e) i) 42 / 50 = 21 / 25 ths ii) 0.84 iii) 84%

5. 250 – 25 = 225 decibels

6. 700 x 4 = 2, 800 fleas

7. a) 150 x 0.1 = 15 cm b) 15 / 2 = 7.5 cm

8. If 30% = 750 cm, 10% = 750 / 3 = 250 cm, therefore, 250 x 10 = 2500 cm = 25 m

9. 3 x 60 x 7 = 1260 kg

10. 120 / 4 x 3 = 90 m 11. 200 / 2 = 100 cm

12. 4 metres

13. 800 – (800 / 10 x 8 = 640) = 160 fleas

14. step 1 – travelling distance / height of fence : travelling time / flying time (x) = 50 / 5 : 60 / x

step 2 – x = 12 seconds

15. 25 / 4 = 6.25 = 7 batteries

16. 1500 / 5 = 300

Answers : large; gigantic; miniscule; huge; enormous; giant; big; monstrous; considerable; extensive; sizeable; sturdy; plump; overweight; abundant; heavy; burly; bulky; plentiful

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