Chuckle Buckle and the Chuckling Book


Tell Me A Story

How many words can you think of that include the word “tell” or the letters “tel” ? Example – intellectual, telephone.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007


Chuckle Buckle laughed a lot. It was usually because of all the tickles he’d got. Everything around him made his titter, even an electricity power cut and the fitter. The minute he got out of bed, he started chuckling till he bumped his head. Then he rolled around on the floor, instead. Haaa ! Haa ! Haa ! Hee ! Hee ! Hee ! No one could guess what was causing all this hilarity ! (and Chuckle Buckle’s giggling went on till tea). Once he’d eaten, after a while, Chuckle Buckle again started to smile. Chuckle Buckle chuckled some more … he laughed hysterically until his belly was sore. Chuckle Buckle had a joke book, that he glanced in every morning. Just to see what new funny gags he could tell to the others to stop them yawning. They roared so loud, that the pages became unstuck ! That was the magic of Chuckle Buckle’s chuckling book.


ook ? or uck ?

Match the answers to the clues below :

crook      unstuck      book      pluck      took        look      duck      tuck      suck      hook     nook      cook       shook

chuckle-clown.jpg 1. I spent an hour reading a _____.

chuckle-clown.jpg 2. Another word for thief.

chuckle-clown.jpg 3. Animals that you throw bread to on the pond.

chuckle-clown.jpg 4. Another word for food.

chuckle-clown.jpg 5. Another word for unglued.

chuckle-clown.jpg 6. Stolen.

chuckle-clown.jpg 7. Glance or see.

chuckle-clown.jpg 8. Something you do to lollipop.

chuckle-clown.jpg 9. Something you use to fish.

chuckle-clown.jpg 10. To prepare food.

chuckle-clown.jpg 11. A hideaway place.

chuckle-clown.jpg 12. The past verb of shake.


A Good Read

Make a list of words that contain the word “read”.  Example – bread.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : 1. book; 2. crook; 3. duck; 4. tuck; 5. unstuck; 6. took; 7. look; 8. suck; 9. hook; 10. cook ; 11. nook

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