Chuckle Buckle, The Chuckling Cook


Chuckle Buckle tried to cook, but he was so busy chuckling that it all had to be chucked. Chuckle Buckle chuckled the frying pan, so much that they developed a chuckling menu plan. Chuckle Buckle cooked up a storm, just by trying to keep fried eggs warm. When Chuckle Buckle chuckled this way and that, he slipped and fell, still chuckling in fat. He chuckled the cake stand so much that it fell. Chuckle Buckle got covered in cream as well ! Chuckle Buckle chuckled chuckled the plates … soon his meringue started to chuckle as inflates. He chuckled the knife fork and spoon, he chuckled the pancakes and they flipped over too soon. Soon the whole kitchen was chuckling too. When he went to cook dinner, it was, of course, a chuckling stew ! Chuckle Buckle chuckled the greens, they were the most chuckling beans ever seen. Chuckle Buckle chuckled a steak – the steak chuckled more than a windstorm snowflake. Chuckle Buckle chuckled fish chips – they chuckled so much, the fish did back flips ! Everything had to be chucked in the bin, Chuckle Buckle’s chuckling made a heck of a din !


Chucklin’ Chuckles

Chuckles Buckles has cooked up some words for you to spell. Can you see the “lin” chuckling inside these words ? Circle the letters L – I – N.























Chucklin’ Pluckin’ A Duck

Chuckles Buckles plucked a duck – he got stuck so you wouldn’t believe the time it took ! He had no luck, pluckin’ the duck … the feathers were almost completely stuck ! Some of the feathers tickled his nose – so the handkerchief got stuck, when he Atishoo – d in blows.

chuckle-2.jpg If the duck had 50 feathers one – fifth fell onto the ground – how many is that ? 

chuckle-2.jpg 1 : 4 of the feathers plucked by Chuckles Buckles were black, the rest were brown – how many feathers of each colour were there ?


Chuckle Buckle At The Tuckshop

Tuck ? or took ? which is the correct one to use ?

chuckle-2.jpg 1. Chuckle _____ a book to the library.

chuckle-2.jpg 2. Chuckle _____ed into a sandwich.

chuckle-2.jpg 3. Chuckle s_____ up a picure.

chuckle-2.jpg 4. Chuckle mis_____ the pen for a pencil.

chuckle-2.jpg 5. Chuckle s_____ a nail accidentally into his finger.

chuckle-2.jpg 6. Chuckle _____ed his shirt into his trousers.

chuckle-2.jpg 7. Chuckle _____ed his handkerchief into his pocket.

chuckle-2.jpg 8. Chuckle _____ the plate to the table.

chuckle-2.jpg 9. Chuckle _____ an hour to do his homework.

chuckle-2.jpg 10. Chuckle _____ lunch at three o’ clock.

chuckle-2.jpg 11. Chuckle _____ed the letter into the envelope.

chuckle-2.jpg 12. Chuckle _____ a newspaper to work. 

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answer – 10

Answer – black : brown 10 : 40

Answers :

1. Chuckle took a book to the library.

2. Chuckle tucked into a sndwich.

3. Chuckle stuck up a picure.

4. Chuckle mistook the pen for a pencil.

5. Chuckle stuck a nail accidentally into his finger.

6. Chuckle tucked his shirt into his trousers.

7. Chuckle tucked his handkerchief into his pocket.

8. Chuckle took the plate to the table.

9. Chuckle took an hour to do his homework.

10. Chuckle took lunch at three o’ clock.

11. Chuckle tucked the letter into the envelope.

12. Chuckle took a newspaper to work. 

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