Flying Saucers & Up, Up & Away


Astro Sputnik was washing up on the moon buggy one day, when because of the lack of gravity, all the pots and pans started to fly away. He never expected that to clean the pans, would turn into such an escapade – he didn’t know where the pots would land. Three dishes flew out of the moon buggy door as well as the table, which had once been on the floor. Even the hot and cold water in the tap, started to float as the moon buggy did another Venus lap. The handle on the teapot SNAP !. When Astro Sputnik’s sink another watery leak sprang, suddenly there was universal big “BANG !”. Bubbles popped as the moon buggy stopped. Astro Sputnik’s tea – towel slopped when the dishwasher mopped. Astro Sputnik tried to catch a plate, when the stratosphere started to deflate. The dishwasher, it seemed, had flipped it’s lid, as Astro Sputnik on Mercury skid on washing up liquid. The exhaust spluttered a puff of smoke – and all the aliens on Mars awoke. Another dish cracked and broke. Weightless gravity cutlery, flew 4 light years past Mercury. A glass smashed when the Astro buggy suddenly crashed. The handle fell off the teapot, when the moon buggy hit the ozone spot. Back down on Earth, sightings of UFO’s were reported. When Astro Sputnik veered left, there had never been so many flying saucers as the day when Astro Sputnik’s moon buggy flew off course and the washing up got considerably worse. WHALLOP ! Another dish started to spin, the sound of breaking plates made a helluva din. Astro Sputnik’s land on Mars was really a flying stop – as KERANG ! another mug broke in the slop. The milk jug BUMPED ! as Radar and Sputnik between craters jumped. Whilst the sugar bowl started to roll, three sugar lumps flew through the ozone hole. Saturn’s rings caught some of the flings. Soon the entire universe was full of unidentified flying things. Just as an alien on Zorg was going to bed, a plate landed on his head ! One of the aliens in galactic speak, let out an “OUCH !” and an “EEK !”. (He recovered in bed for at least a week !). OOPS ! There goes another cup – the aliens thought they’d never stick it back up. Whilst the moon buggy went up and up, all of this weightless gravity gave a whole new meaning to washing up, since Astro Sputnik now didn’t have a single cup ! And Astro Radar was covered in ketchup.


Astro Sputnik’s PRESS Button Quiz

When Astro Sputnik pressed the ON button on the dishwasher – the machine started to whizz. Soon, all the moon buggy kitchen, was covered in a soapy fizz. Astro Radar slipped off the cockpit chair slipping on suds everywhere ! But a circle button switch around the letters P – R – E – S in the following words and phrases.







press up
























pressed for time








What things from Astro Sputnik’s kitchen smashed ?



















milk bo__tle


c__ __erole dish




spo__ __


Up ! Up ! & Away In The Milky Way For The Day !

Astro Sputnik was worried that he wouldn’t make his Astronaut grade. So he studied hard to see what difference that made. As his examination results rocketed, another first class diploma he quickly pocketed. Eventually, his results were always so high, they zoomed in weightless gravity through the sky. As Astro Sputnik’s grades went up – SMASH ! – there goes another cup.


Upturned On Jupiters

Circle the word “up”.

washing up




upper class


grow up




puppy dog
















upside – down






Up On Jupiter

Add the word “up”.

s__ __ per


__ __ wards


c__ __


s__ __


d__ __e


tro__ __ed


s__ __er


fed __ __


s__ __esonic


__ __keep


__ __lift


__ __beat


__ __grade


__ __bringing


__ __heaval


Flying Saucers

What other things did Astro Sputnik see flying in the sky ? Fill in the gaps.





f__ __ther


s__gar steel__r








Boe__ng 747


hand g__ider




Jumbo j__t






hot a__r balloon




Astro Radar’s Radio Rodeo

Do you get Astro radar’s vibes ? Are you on the same wavelength as Astro Sputnik ? Which is the correct word or phrase to use – long, length, lengthened, lengthways, lengthy or at length ?

1. The dressmaker __________ the skirt length.

2. She grew her hair to a considerable __________.

3. She could talk at __________ on the subject.

4. __________, the aeroplane measured 180 metres long.

5. The snake’s __________ was 17.5 cm long.

6. How __________ will you be in the bathroom ?

7. The train’s __________ was 12 carriages.

8. The __________ of the radio broadcast was 20 minutes.

9. The __________ of the worm grew and grew.

10. He drove the entire __________ of the country.

11. To boil an egg doesn’t take __________.

12. I don’t know who this hat be __________s to.


One Million Stars

Write a mathematical equation to show your working out to the following maths problems.

If there were in total 100, 000 , 000 stars in the universe …

ca422bd8.jpg 1… and nine planets, on average, how many stars circled each planet ?

ca422bd8.jpg 2… and around one of Saturn’s rings, 5% of the stars orbited, how many is that ?

ca422bd8.jpg 3… and one – third were eclipsed in the Equinox, how many is that ? how many stars were left ?

ca422bd8.jpg 4… and in the Big “BANG !” only 0.2 of the stars twinkled, how many is that ? how many stars didn’t twinkle ?

ca422bd8.jpg 5… and one – eighth of the stars exploded, how many were left ?

ca422bd8.jpg 6… and 20 % went shooting off, how many were left ?

ca422bd8.jpg 7… and one shooting star travelled at a speed of 750 , 000 , 000 km / hour,

a) How far did the star travel in one minute ? in one hour ? in one day ? in one year ?

b) How long did it take to get from the Sun to Pluto, 600 , 000 , 000 km away ? (Give your answer as a decimal and in minutes).

ca422bd8.jpg 8… and the shooting star crashed into one meteorite every 500 km, how many did it crash into on the way to Pluto ? ca422bd8.jpg 9… and there were 10 arrangements seen from the moon buggy, on average, how many stars were in each constellation ?

ca422bd8.jpg 10… and the proportion of stars around Venus compared to the other eight planets were 1 : 100 , 000. What does this actually mean ? Choose the correct answer from the options below. Give a brief written explanation of the reasons for your choice.

a) There were 100, 000 more stars around Venus than in the rest of the universe (like an addition).

b) There were 100, 000 times more stars around Venus than in the rest of the universe (like a multiplication).

c) For every one star, there were proportionately 100, 000 , 000 stars divided between the other eight planets (like a ratio).

ca422bd8.jpg 11. If the stars twinkled twelve times every minute, how often is that in one hour ? in one day ? in one year ? for one star and for a thousand stars. It might be easier to write your answers in a table.


Astro Sat On Saturn On Saturday

By Saturday, Astro Radar had reached Planet Saturn. He put the moon buggy into third gear, reversed and started to back turn. Astro Radar sat down for a picnic the on Saturn, but of course in weightless gravity. Soon, he found his sandwiches weren’t enough, not because he’d eaten them, but because they had floated off ! Can you see where Astro Sputnik “sat” on saturn ? Circle the letters “s – a – t” inside these words.























Astro Sputnik’s Return Journey

By the time that Astro Sputnik returned home again, he’d circled every planet in the universe and passed a hundred planes. Circle the word “home” inside the following words and phrases :








homeward bound




home – cooked


home spun


home for the eldrely


children’s home


at home


hit home hard


home in on


flee their homes


Astro Radar’s MBE

As Astro Radar went upward, he eventually won a postumous award. Everyone in the universe soon came to know, about Astro Sputnik and all the places that he took off to go. The Galactic Gazette wrote a feature – on all the places in the universe and how he got to reach them. Some of the most important people in the world even heard – and gave impressive speeches – the crowds stirred. How many words can you think of that contain the letters M – B – E (in any order) ? Example, maybe, amoebae, tamborine.


Astro Sputnik’s Pal – Ray Radar

Pal or ple – which is the correct one to use ?

ap__ __ __


grap__ __ __


ma__ __ __ leaf


__ __ __e


__ __ __lor


__ __ __sy


__ __ __ette


__ __ __ace


__ __ __atial


__ __ __ate


princi__ __ __


__ __ __try


princi__ __ __


__ __ __m of the hand


__ __ __ pate


__ __ __ pitations


Activity – Design a universe home for Astro Radar on Planet Zorg (include a landing for the moon buggy).

Beam Me Up

How many words can you think of that include a moonbeam shining inside them ?


Flying Sauce

As the Moon buggy was going off course, just when Astro Sputnik thought things couldn’t get much worse – he tripped and slipped and landed in flying sauce ! Write a list of as many different types of sauce that you can think of.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Pots and Pans Answers : knife ; fork ; plate ; saucer ; pans ; dish ; cup ; mug ; glass ; milk bottle ; casserole dish ; pots ; spoon

Flying Saucers Answers : bird ; aeroplane ; feather ; sugar steeler ; bee ; butterfly ; dragonfly ; Boeing 747 ; hand glider ; helicopter ; Jumbo jet ; wasp ; hawk ; hot air balloon ; seagull

Astro’s Radio Rodeo :

1. The dressmaker lengthened the skirt length.

2. She grew her hair to a considerable length.

3. She could talk at length on th subject.

4. Lengthways, the aeroplane measured 180 metres long.

5. The snake’s length was 17.5 cm long.

6. How long will you be in the bathroom ?

7. The train’s length was 12 carriages.

8. The length of the radio braodcast was 20 minutes.

9. The length of the worm grew and grew.

10. He drove the entire length of the country.

11. To boil an egg doesn’t take long.

12. I don’t know who this hat belongs to.

Answers :

1. 100 000 000 / 9 = 1, 111, 111.1

2. 100 000 000 – (100 000 000 / 100 x 5 = 500 , 000) 9, 500, 000

3. 100 000 000 – (100 000 000 / 3 = 3, 333,333.3) = 6, 666, 667

4. 100 000 000 – (100 000 000 / 10 x 2 = 2, 000, 000) = 98, 000, 000

5. 100 000 000 / 8 = 1, 250, 000

6. 100 000 000 – (100 000 000 / 100 x 20 = 2 000 000) = 98, 000, 000

7. a) 750 , 000 , 000 / 60 = 1, 250 000

b) 750 , 000 , 000

c) 18.000000 E

d) 273.00000 E

e) 0.8 hours = 48 minutes

8. 600 , 000 , 000 / 500 = 120, 000

9. 100 , 000 , 000 / 10 = 1 million

10. c

11. ONE STAR … 1, 000 STARS

1 hour 720 720, 000

1 day 17, 280 17, 280, 000

1year 6, 289 , 920 62.899200

Pals activity : apple ; grapple ; mapel leaf ; pale ; pallor ; palsy ; palette ; palace ; palatial ; palate ; principal ; paltry ; principle ; palm of the hand ; palpate ; palpitations

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