Dolly Peg and Peggy Doll, The Pegged Out Duo


Dolly Peg and Peggy Doll were a pair of pegs, with long wooden legs. Peggy Doll said to Dolly Peg, let’s take a break and rest our legs. Whilst Peggy Doll washed her clothes, Dolly Peg put a peg on her nose. It took her a while to find a handkerchief big enough in which Peggy Doll could easily snuff. Luckily in the garden, there was leafy thief – who had her eye on Peggy Doll’s handkerchief. “Good grief !” said Peggy Doll to the thief – as the thief made away with her handkerchief !


All Done Write five sentences using the words duo, due and due.


Dolly Peg and Peggy Doll’s Clothes Part – y

How many words can you think of that include a “part – y” ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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