Fluffy and Scruffy


Fluffy and Scruffy were a pair of bobtail rabbits with an incredibly scruffy bobtail habit. Whenever they’d been running about a bit, their tail was soon covered in fluff as they sit. Fluffy had the fluffiest tail of all – which picked up dust as he sat on the wall. Their tails made great feather dusters indeed, except they often pick up some weeds. Scruffy used his bobtail for polishing the grass – in fact, the grass around the rabbit warren was the cleanest that there ever was. When the Autumn leaves fell to the ground, Jack Beanstalk invited all the animals around. Soon all the creatures who lived near Jack’s beanstalk joined in too – wriggling their tails as bobtail rabbits do. The ants polished hard, with all the energy that they could muster – they didn’t have fluffy tails, like rabbits, so had to use a duster ! Even though his tail wasn’t that big, the snail came along to join in the jig. One by one, the slugs polished the figs ! The woodpecker who joined in the jig in the wood, wobbled so much, his wig fell off (though his jig wasn’t that good !). Fluffy and Scruffy showed them all how to do it – and very soon, Jack’s beanstalk was so well polished, you could see right through it ! The caterpillars started by polishing the leaves. They wriggled as they polished and ended up in the cowshed eaves. When they wriggled, the hairs on their back, tickled the ladybirds, who fell in the haystack ! The worms squirmed and polished the beanstalk’s trunk – the blue tit was impressed with their wriggling funk ! It took the mites a while to polish just right – they scrubbed all day and rubbed night. The butterflies wriggled about so much, the branches of the beanstalk shook. They had to cling on tight in case they fell into the brook. The rook dusted in every nook. The blackbird used his tail as a fan … so that soon the beanstalk was spick and span. Even the slow – worm hoovered up quick – the hens clucked about (and so did the chicks !). Jack’s beanstalk had never had such a Spring clean – but at last all the dust was gone and the beanstalk again gleamed green. It was the shiniest beanstalk that had ever been seen !


The Greater Spotted Woodpecker Game

Write a mathematical equation to work out the length and weights of each of the following creatures. Which is greater ? which is heavier ? Circle the correct answer, then order the creatures in two lines – lightest to heaviest, smallest to longest.

4 woodpecker feathers (15 cm long) or Jack’s axe (75 cm long) ……….

4 mice (each 20 cm long) or 10 mushrooms (each 3 cm wide) ……….

8 butterflies (each 4.5 cm long) or 10 moths (each 3 cm long) ……….

9 mites (each 0.2 cm long) or 10 ants (each 0.8 cm long) ……….

20 leaves (each 5 cm long) or 10 twigs (each 7 cm long) ……….

15 acorns (each 1.6 cm long) or one squirrel (75 cm long) ……….

5 snails (each 2.5 cm long) or 3 worms (each 5 cm long) ……….


Call My Bluff

Ough or uff ? which is the correct one to use ? Make a sentence with each of the following words.

rabbit-3.jpg unsmooth – r _____

rabbit-3.jpg where a pig eats – tr _____

rabbit-3.jpg ample – en _____

rabbit-3.jpg lie – bl _____

rabbit-3.jpg something that you have looked for – s ____t

rabbit-3.jpg something you have purchased – b _____t

rabbit-3.jpg something that you bring – br _____t

rabbit-3.jpg pleased – ch _____ed

rabbit-3.jpg what the wolf in the Three Pigs did -h_____

rabbit-3.jpg what you should do – _____t

rabbit-3.jpg a battle – f _____t

rabbit-3.jpg untidiness – scr_____

rabbit-3.jpg croaky voice – gr_____

rabbit-3.jpg what a dragon does – p_____ 

rabbit-3.jpg furry – fl_____

rabbit-3.jpg shirt sleeve end – c_____


Fluffy and Scruffy’s Rabbit Hutch

How many words can you think of that contain the word – utch ? Example – clutch.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : unsmooth – rough

where a pig eats – trough ample – enough lie – bluffsomething that you have looked for – sought

something you have purchased – bought

something that you bring – brought

pleased – chuffed

what the wolf in the Three Pigs did – huff

what you should do – ought

a battle – fought

untidiness -scruff

croaky voice – gruff what a dragon does – pufffurry – fluff

shirt sleeve end – cuff

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