The Fantastic Spider With Fangs


Mister I. Spy, the spider was a spider whose mouth opened considerably wider. The flies passing by his web, could see his fangs glisten in the dark – in fact, sometimes, they even thought that he was a shark ! The spider used his web as a trampoline which he used to jump upto the branches of Jack’s beanstalk to catch twigs to keep his teeth clean. His fangs were so big that he could munch three flies in just one bite – he gave them all a considerable fright. As the spider took a bite out of his web – he felt a shooting pain of toothache. “OUCH !” he cried out in pain, trying not to let anyone see his disdain, before starting to chomp again. The spider didn’t much like the taste, but there wasn’t much web left … and he didn’t want to let any go to waste. When the spider with fangs climbed up the drain, he bit a hole so big that out poured all the rain. If the spider with fangs climbed up a tree when he was hungry – soon there were no apples left for his tea. He bit a hole so big in the trunk, he fell right in it – the woodpecker thought he was drunk ! The fantastic spider went climbing up Jack’s beanstalk – all the ants followed him, doing a funny walk ! The fantastic spider just about made it to the top. As he bit off one of the top branches – all the fruit started to drop. Mmmm (they tasted great) but the spider with fangs took such as big bite, he even ate the plate ! (though he did leave the cup and saucer for a later date). The fantastic spider opened his mouth wider … and all the worms disappeared, three squirrels, two frogs, eight slugs, four caterpillars were all, very soon, cleared !


Read the passage again and answer the following questions :

1. What was the spider’s name ?

2. Where were the flies going ?

3. How many flies could he munch in one bite ?

4. What did the spider bite into that let out all the rain ?

5. Who or what followed the spider up Jack’s beanstalk ?

6. Where did the fruit fall from ?

7. The spider with fangs took such as big bite, what happened ?

8. What did the spider leave for a later date ?

9. How many caterpillars disappeared ?

10. What did the woodpecker think ?


I Spy A Spidery Spelling Game

When the spider with enormous fangs took a bite – he bit off part of these words and now the’re not spelt quite right ! Add the letters S – P to complete the words.

 spider-2.jpg __ __ eak

spider-2.jpg __ __ ecial

e spider-2.jpg __ __ ecially

 spider-2.jpg __ __ eech

spider-2.jpg __ __ end

spider-2.jpg __ __ ear

spider-2.jpg __ __ oke

spider-2.jpg __ __ ooky

spider-2.jpg __ __ ell

spider-2.jpg __ __ in

spider-2.jpg __ __ ore

spider-2.jpg __ __ ool

spider-2.jpg __ __ oon

 spider-2.jpg __ __ oof

spider-2.jpg __ __ ot

spider-2.jpg __ __ oil

spider-2.jpg __ __ anned

spider-2.jpg__ __ artan

spider-2.jpg__ __ are

spider-2.jpg __ __ ort

spider-2.jpg __ __ ill

spider-2.jpg__ __ ade

spider-2.jpg__ __ awn

spider-2.jpg__ __ rawl

spider-2.jpg__ __ it

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers :

1. Mister I. Spy

2. Passing by his web.

3. 3

4. The drain

5. The ants

6. The top branches

7. He ate the plate.

8. The cup and saucer

9. 4

10. That the spider was drunk.

Answers : speak ; special ; especially ; speech ; spend ; spear ; spoke ; spooky ; spell ; spin ; spore ; spool ; spoon ; spoof ; spot ; spoil ; spanned ; spartan ; spare ; sport ; spill ; spade ; spawn ; sprawl ; spit

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