Major Minor & His Morris Minor


Major Minor had a morris minor – he polished it daily so that it looked finer and he parked it outside a breakfast diner. Major Minor took a ride on an ocean liner, leaving his morris minor behind. When Winter came, his morris minor didn’t work that well – in fact, all that happened was that a screw came loose and fell. When his car didn;t go, he asked Bombadier bump to give him a tow. He oiled the engine and changed the spark plug – but the headlamps didn’t work so he had to get a tug.  


Majority or Minority

Circle the majority in red ink and the minority in blue. Which is greater ?

lierutenatne.jpg 200 people voting Liberal Democrats or 150 people voting Labour.

lierutenatne.jpg 150 fish swimming in the sea or 20 octopuses on the beach.

lierutenatne.jpg 12 people waiting at a bus – stop or 25 people in the supermarket queue

lierutenatne.jpg 15 people eating fish and chips or 30 people eating chicken curry

lierutenatne.jpg five slices of cake or 2 scones cut into halves

lierutenatne.jpg two packets of 25 biscuits or 20 sandwiches cut into halves

lierutenatne.jpg 25% of £2000 or 0.5 of £2000

lierutenatne.jpg 0.2 of a bag of 50 sweets or 5 chocolate bars

lierutenatne.jpg half a tank of petrol in a car that contains 5 litres or five two litre bottles of fizzy pop lierutenatne.jpg a size 16 skirt or a size 20 coat reduced by two sizes

lierutenatne.jpg a typist who can type 100 words per minute who writes a five page report or a two page letter containing 200 words per page

lierutenatne.jpg a ruler measuring 30 cm or three pencils lined up each 12 cm long

lierutenatne.jpg a vacuum cleaner that sucks up 1 kilograms of dust or one quarter of a bag of cement weighing 5 kg in total

lierutenatne.jpg an electricity bill for £40 or a bill for a new pairs of £50 pair of shoes with a 10% price reduction

lierutenatne.jpg a bar of chocolate with 25 pieces of chocolate or a bar of chocolate with 5 % eaten


Major Minor’s Journey North

jor or nor – which is the correct one to use ?


ma __ __ __ity


__ __ __ dic


__ __ __ th


__ __ u __ ney


__ __ __ mality


__ __ u __ nal


__ __ __ se


__ __ __ wegian


__ __ __ mal


__ __ __ thern


__ __ __ adrenalin


e __ __ __ mous


gi __ __ __ mous

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : majority ; nordic ; north ; journey ; normality ; journal ; norse ; norwegian ; normal ; northern ; noradrenalin ; enormous ; ginormous 

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