The Movers and the Shakers Astro Quiz


Divide the class into two teams for an Astro quiz. When one team wins a point, they “move” like an Astro (e.g. by bouncing over craters or rocketing off) and then the second team “shake” (e.g. like a meteorite, or a planet in a boom zone).


The Stun Gun Stunt That Stunned The Sun

One Sunday, as Astro Stunt was flying past the Sun, some of the words in his map book frazzled and quickly became overdone ! The Astro Space Shuttle carried on it’s voyage of discovery, and only just about made it home before tea. As they flew further and further up, the astronauts in their moon buggies, looked just like fried eggs – sunny side up ! Write ten sentences that include the word “sun” and “son”.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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