Jack’s Pet – Lukewarm Luke The Fluke


Luke was a fluke who lived in Jack’s beanstalk. He often met up with Jack for tea and a talk and they went out on a creeper for a walk. As the temperature dropped, Luke almost flopped, he wriggled about in case his circulation stopped (which shook the leaves in the breeze as he sneezed). As Luke crawled up for a better look, he bumped into a caterpillar reading a book and so all the branches on the beanstalk shook. Soon, all of the beanstalk was shaking, too, which utterly shook the animals in the beanstalk zoo. The caterpillar was in an absolute fuss … the bees gave a very loud, honey buzz. The butterfly flapped his wings … the wasps gave the slug one of his stings !


The Dragonfly Who Wanted To Be A Real Dragon Who Lived In Jack’s Beanstalk

The dragonfly in Jack’s beanstalk started life as only a minute lavae. But he munched and munched … and crunched and crunched … so that he grew and grew.


0.5 cm                5 cm

2 grams              6 grams


The Caterpillar Who Crawled Up The Pillar 

Draw a picture of Jack’s beanstalk. Mark the points described in the following maths problems.

1. Give the ratio of the size and weight of the lavae to the butterfly.

2. What is the dfference in the size of the two ?

3. What fraction of the size of the butterfly is the lavae ?

4. How many lavae would have to line up in a straight line to be the same size as the butterfly ?

5. What percentage did the lavae enlarge to grow into the size of a butterfly ?

6. If the lavae ate 3 leaves to grow 0.5 cm, how many leaves did it eat to be the same size as the butterfly ?

7. How much heavier was the butterfly than the lavae ?

8. If the lavae ate 2 leaves to grow 1 gram, how many leaves did it eat to be the same weight as the butterfly ?

9. The lavae travelled at a speed of 1 metre / hour, the butterfly at a speed of 1 metre / minute. How long did it take for each to reach the top of the beanstalk, 100 metres high ?

10. How far was each creature after 10 minutes ?


The Beanstalk Jig In The Twig

Match the names of the insects so that they can dance in pairs.

worm              slug

ladybird         butterfly

butterfly         flea

ant                  spider

flea                 caterpillar

caterpillar      flea

spider             fluke

slug                 worm


The Paper Aeroplane That Landed In Jack’s Beanstalk

One day, a paper aeroplane got stuck in the tree. Read the following instructions and make one identically.

1. Get an A4 piece of paper.

2. Fold in half lengthways.

3. From the mid – line, fold the wings back.

4. Fold again so that a plateau forms.

5. Bend the tail over.


Luke’s Look At Maths 

butterfly2.jpg 1. Two – thirds of the way up Jack’s beanstalk was a nest. What fraction further did Jack have to climb to reach the top ? If the beanstalk was 60 metres high, how far is that ?

butterfly2.jpg 2. If Jack’s beanstalk was 5 metres tall, how far had he climbed to reach 0.2 of the way up it ?

butterfly2.jpg 3. There were 500 ladybirds in Jack’s beanstalk, but 1 : 4 flew away. How many were left ?

butterfly2.jpg 4. If Jack’s beanstalk was 8 metres tall, with 12 branches, how far apart were they ?

butterfly2.jpg 5. There were 3 slugs on every branch. How many slugs is that in total ?

butterfly2.jpg 6. If the caterpillar climbed at a speed of 15 cm / hour, how long did it take to reach the top of the fifth branch, 50 metres up ?

butterfly2.jpg 7. If the caterpillar crawled at a speed of 0.5 cm / min along a branch 3 metres long – how long did it take to reach the end ?

butterfly2.jpg 8. The caterpillar stopped for a break every 20 minutes. How long is that in a five hour climb ?

butterfly2.jpg 9. There were 440 caterpillars in Jack’s beanstalk. 1: 3 turned into butterflies and flew away.

a) How many butterflies flew away ?

b) What fraction, decimal and percentage flew away ?

c) How many were left ?

d) What fraction, decimal and percentage were left ?

butterfly2.jpg 10. The dragonfly was one quarter longer than the caterpillar. If the caterpillar was 4 cm long, how long was the dragonfly ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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