Penelope Pig In The Hayloft


Penelope Pig didn’t have a home – she wanted to rest, but there was no foam. She yawned out loud – as the farmer ploughed. All the animals were being  really rather loud – and around the farmyard, there was a heck of a crowd.  She went to chat to the cow about her problem. The cow moo – ed that perhaps she should try a place by the hedgerow, like he did, when he wanted to sleep at night. The cow said it was quite comfortable and there the wind was slight. As she walked across the field, she  slipped in a puddle of water – not that comfortable a place to sleep, if that is what she oughta ! The water came right upto her chest. Penelope Pig noticed a nest  -but it was too small for his trotters to rest and the sparrow hinted that a bigger home would be best. She saw a sheep was passing by, who bleeted that the cowshed was a good place to try. But the cowshed was full of bulls … who really weren’t that friendly … so Penelope Pig asked the hen and he said that the stable was more trendy ! The horses there said that there wasn’t enough room and perhaps she should look somewhere else instead. At last, just before midnight, in the hayloft, Penelope Pig found a bed – it was better than the stable and the hay was great to get fed ! She spent the rest of her days, dodging the farmer’s tractor and eventually decided that for a home, hay was a jolly good factor.   


Match the animal home to the correct animal – which animal should live in which place ?

rabbit          lillypad

horse           kennel

frog              stable

sheep           barn

hens             field

cows             nest

birds             duckpond

ducks            cowshed

crows            kennel

farmer          by the fireplace

dog                gutter

kitten            farmhouse 


Answers : 

rabbit          warren

horse           stable

frog              lillypad

sheep           field

hens             barn

cows             cowshed

birds             nest

ducks            duckpond

crows            gutter

farmer          farmhouse

dog                kennel

kitten            by the fireplace  

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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