The Pumpernickel & The Pumpkin


The pumpernickel goblin was a really grumpy chap. In fact, he was so cantankerous that all he did was snap. Of course, when the Pumpernickel began to snap, everything around him broke into two. Very soon, including his pumpkin, was divided into fractions of two, too, as pumpkins do. Pumpernickel had a bike, that he used to cycle where he’d like rather than hike. He found that it got him where he wanted to be much quicker. But sometimes, when he splashed in a puddle, he found his headlamps began to flicker ! Pumpernickel pumped up the tyres, he changed the oil and fixed the wires. He put a new bulb into the lamp, stitched the seat and polished the metal where it had gone rusty in the damp. The Pumpernickel goblin went for a picnic – with lots of pumpkin stew – two dishes he thought would do the trick !


Pump It Up !

How many words can you think of that contain the letters P – U – M ? Example – plum.


Snapping Cantankerously !

Snap the two big words above into as many smaller words as you make.


Work out the sizes of the halves, if each of the following items is snapped into two :

1. One ruler 30 cm long.

2. One pumpkin weighing 50 kg.

3. A book with 200 pages.   

4. A television programme lasting one hour and 45 minutes. 

5. A sack of potatoes containing 120 potatoes.

6. A flower 20 cm tall.

7. A necklace 70 cm long.

8. A broomstick 2 metres long.

9. A piece of paper 50 cm long.

10. A pencil measuring 10 cm long.


Pumpkin Spellings On A Plate

How many words can you think of that include the word “plate” ? Example – template.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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