Jack Beanstalk bought a catapult from the market one day – he wanted to see if he could knock down the fruit in the beanstalk without having to go up the ladder and possibly fall in the hay ! But he had already pea – shooted all his peas … Everyone of the fleas had jumped away and all the mice had gone hunting cheese for the day. So what could Jack Beanstalk possibly use ? To bring down the fruit off the branches for a tasty blackberry pie or stew. As he looked around for possible ideas, he found a caterpillar crawling on one of the pears. Eureka ! That’s that ! He could fire caterpillars and get fruit from where he sat ! As he fired – he missed a gnat ! The catapult elastic almost broke … and Jack Beanstalk almost got one of his fingers stuck. “OUCH !”, he cried out in pain – picking up his catapult and starting all over again ! The catapulted fat caterpillar span through the air and over the mat. Once or twice, he almost got eaten by a hungry rat ! The catapulted fat caterpillar had no sense direction at all – he almost landed with a SPLAT ! on the wall. BANG ! CRASH ! WALLOP ! He hit the tastiest apple of all, the branches shook and one or two started to fall.

Cat – apulted Cat – erpillar Cat – astrophe

How many words, like catapult, can you think of that contain the word “tap” ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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