Viva ! Las Vegas !


Jack Beanstalk decided to take a holiday – he looked through the brochures for suitable horticulture resorts – where there would be plants growing in greenhouses, with tatsy fruits and vegetables that could be bought. Jack, of course, played black jack. But of course, the game that he liked best, was the one with all the oranges, raspberries and pears that had to be lined up in pairs.


Casino Pip – Squeaks

Don’t be pipped at the post with this spelling game ! How many words can you think of that include a “pip” ?


Pot Luck

Match the fruits and vegetables.

apples      pears

raspberries      apples

gooseberries      apricots

grapes      gooseberries

pomegranates      grapes

pears      pomegranates

apricots      raspberries

strawberries      oranges

bananas      strawberries

oranges      bananas

kiwi fruit      passion fruit

passion fruit      kiwi fruit

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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