Treasure Hunt


How many words can you think of that include the letters “easure” ? Example – measure.


Inside everyone of these sentence and phrases is hidden treasure : pearl, diamond, ruby, gold, silver, nugget, saphires, opal, medal, bracelet. Where is it ?

1. I planted twelve marigolds in the garden.

2. I bought a ruby engagement ring for my girlfriend.

3. The stars at night shone like diamonds.

4. The pearl necklace cost £50.00.

5. I bought chicken nuggets for lunch.

6. The blue sea glistened like saphires.

7. The golden goose laid one golden egg every day.

8. The soldier won a posthumous medal for bravery.

9. The opal fruits came in a packet of twelve.

10. The bracelet was too small.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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