Lancelot The Lion’s Lie In


Lancelot the sleepy lion was really a friendly chap, but he didn’t much like it, when he was awoken from his nap. He made a bed in the wood and tried to hide away as quietly as he possibly could. Although he tried to find a quiet spot, where he could hide from the other jungle lot, the minute that he took a snooze, it seemed that everyone wanted to see him, not much caring if he was sleepy or not. When the chimpanzee came to call, he pretended not to hear him at all. He tossed and turned restlessly, but still the zebra clattered past relentlessly. Despite the “Do not disturb” sign, which he hung upon the tree, overhead the vultures crowed – looking for food for their tea. His snores were so loud, that they quickly drew a crowd. Nobody paid attention to the sign which read “no visitors allowed”. Suddenly Lancelot the lion awoke with a start – a snake had drawn the leaves apart. Luckily, Lancelot heard him when he hissed, so when he rolled over, the snake narrowly got missed. One day, Lancelot lion decided to have a lie in so set the alarm clock for dawn. When he awoke, he swallowed three mosquitoes in just one yawn. As he stumbled out of bed, he tripped on a tree root and bashed his head. That’s why he roars so loud, the jungle animals said. One thing was for certain, no – one should go near him if he hadn’t been fed ! By eleven o’ clcok, Lancelot the lion was feeling quite hungry indeed. He invited in the zebra, not telling him of his greed. The zebra accepted the invitation, hastily, hardly expecting that he was coming for (not going to be) tea !


Add the word “den” to complete the words below.

woo __ __ __


__ __ __ t


__ __ __ drite


inci __ __ __ t


acci __ __ __ t


__ __ __ tures


__ __ __ ial


__ __ __ se


__ __ __ ote


__ __ __ omination


sod __ __ __


mo __ __ r __


__ __ __ tist

Lancelot Lion has taken a bite out of these words. Put the letters D – E – N back to complete the words.




















When Lancelot Lion Met A Lizard

Add the letters “L – I – on” to complete the words.

__ __ ck


s __ __ ck


s __ __ me


s __ __ ght


s __ __ ng


__ __ ne


c __ __ mber


__ __ ability


__ __ beration


s __ __ de


__ __ aison


__ __ bel


__ __ cence


__ __ ce


__ __ e


__ __ d


s __ __ d


__ __ ghten


__ __ fe


__ __ ft


__ __ ghten


__ __ terature


__ __ ttle


s __ __ ce

Lancelot The Lion’s Tail

Lancelot the lion had a lion’s heart. When he roared, he blew the branches of the beanstalk apart. But, the only problem was that Lancelot didn’t much like his tail – with a tail in the way, everything seemed to fail. He didn’t much like the way that it stuck out … whenever he ran across the jungle, his tail swang about. He curled it and tied it up witha bow, to stop it falling in the snow. He brushed and dyed it, every week. But his tail was still not as good as a beak. It tickled his leg and draggeed on the ground. It even tickled his nose when he span around ! Perhaps a bush, just like a squirrel, would be better – but a lion’s tail was all that he’d got. He even considered is he should swap it or not. A fluffy bobtail (just like a rabbit) would suit him fine and stop him tripping up all of the time. Maybe even a piglet’s tail, quite curly, would be better – handy when he got up early (compared to a lion’s tail which was rather more swirly).Uproar !oar or ore – which is the correct one to use ?


b __ __ __ d


c __ __ __


p __ __ __


sw __ __ __


sc __ __ __


t __ __ __


sh __ __ __


c __ __ __ ction


st __ __ __


b__ __ __


Lancelot the Dandy Lion’s Day Out Picking Dandelions

Lancelot the lion wanted to say it with flowers, so he went out in the woods collecting for hours and hours. Although he didn’t mean to, sometimes, he accidentally picked, one or two mushrooms growing in the glen, instead of the dandelions that he went searching for around his den. It was cold and the wood was iced over, so Lancelot the lion didn’t see that much nice clover. He had heard that there were, hundreds of dandelions growing on the woodland floor. But without his spectacles, he couldn’t see that well so in the fog, Lancelot the lion slipped and fell in the bog. Lancelot the lion tried to pick himself back up again – but his feet were so muddy and the ground was wet with rain. Have you ever seen a brown lion before ? Well, none was quite so brown as Lancelot, after he’d been rolling around on the muddy floor ! In the lake, Lancelot the lion went to take a bath – it was quite easy, since he could skid easily along the icy footpath ! He splashed in the river, upto his mane and chuted down through the drain. He scrubbed so hard, that he put bubbles in the rain. There was even mud stains on a passing crane.Add the letters D – E – L to complete the words


__ __ __ icious


__ __ __ ectable


__ __ __ ete


__ __ __ ighted


__ __ __ iberate


__ __ __ iquium


__ __ __ erious


__ __ __ apse


__ __ __ aminate


__ __ __ ightful


__ __ __ ibate


__ __ __ icatessens


__ __ __ ay


__ __ __ imit


__ __ __ egate


cita __ __ __


infi __ __ __


dan __ __ __ ions


How many words can you think of ending in “on” ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008 Answers : denigrate ; denounce ; density ; deny ; denouement ; indent ; jurispudence ; prudence ; denbyAnswers : board ; core ; pore ; swore ; score ; tore ; shore ; coarction ; store ; boar

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