Santa’s Christmas Ball

One Christmas, Santa decided to have a ball – he wanted to say thank – you to all the gnomes for working so hard all year – so he invited them all around to call. But nothing was ready – so preparations quickly got underway. Everyone wanted to attend, the ball on Christmas Day. There were still logs to chops for the fire and tables to mend. Santa asked the carol singers to provide the music – the Christmas fairy said, as a party piece, she could perform some magic tricks. Everyone helped put up decorations … this was going to be the Christmas ever … and the North Pole had never seen such a grand party ball. The location of the Christmas ball was in the Hall – where there was enough chairs … and a Christmas tree ten feet tall ! Santa didn’t want to forget any one friend – so he counted how many invitations he needed to send. The snowman stocked up the stockings, the gnomes set the date – the Christmas fairy wrote information on all the invitations “7 p.m. prompt – please don’t be late !”. As the big day was fast approaching, Mrs. Christmas got busy making party food, baking bread, cooking turkey, cutting sandwiches and poaching eggs. She hardly noticed, when one of the elves crept up and stole one ! Originally, she did have twenty – one, but when she looked again, two were gone ! On the big day, by seven – thirty, the party was soon well underway. The gnomes, who actually looked more like the ugly sisters, got incredibly drunk … they sang so loud, in a noisy crowd, Santa said they were no longer allowed ! They had to stand outside in the cold, with the reindeers, until they’d sobered up (though Rudolph continued sipping punch from a secretly hidden cup !). After a glass of punch and an enormous lunch, the elves started the first dance. They really were a musical bunch. Prince Charming Santa asked the Christmas fairy for a waltz (but it wasn’t long before he’d trodden on her foot, of course !). At midnight, when the lights went out, Santa heard the Christmas fairy shout … “Ow ! I’ve lost my slipper ! Can anybody see it ?” in burst the policemen gnomes … but, because this is a fairy tale, naturally, they didn’t find it, of course. The year that Santa had a Christmas ball, instead of a new pair of fluffy slippers, as a souvenir, Santa was presented with a princess’s glass slipper. Of course it didn’t fit – and Santa had to wriggle about quite rather a bit to make sure that his size twelve foot went into it.

Dance n’ Romance

Add either A – N – C – E or E – N – C -E to complete the words. Can you guess from the clues given, what the words should be ?

quiet – sil __ __ __ __

love and affairs of the heart – rom__ __ __ __

Sterling currency – pounds and p__ __ __ __

the way in – entr__ __ __ __

an opportunity – ch__ __ __ __

groove – d__ __ __ __

spear – l__ __ __ __

a glimpse or look – gl__ __ __ __

the name of one of Rudolph’s reindeers

– Pr__ __ __ __r

a common disease – c__ __ __ __r

perimeter – f__ __ __ __

mesmerised – tr__ __ __ __

a European country – Fr __ __ __ __

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answer :

quiet – silence

love and affairs of the heart – romance

Sterling currency – pounds and pence

the way in – entrance

an opportunity – chance

groove – dance spear – lance

a glimpse or look – glance

the name of one of Rudolph’s reindeers – Prancer

a common disease – cancer

perimeter – fence mesmerised – trance

a European country – France

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