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Letter by letter, Betty Better always did things better. She would have written an entire book, if somebody would have let her. Whenever the ink ran out in her pen, she started all over again. Betty Better lived next to a mail box, so she regularly sent letters and parcels abroad … even if it was only on stamp that she could afford. Every day, a diffrent letter went a different way. Bett Better sent a postcard, listing every she had learned to another part of the world. Of course, because it only had one stamp, her letter was returned. On Monday, she wrote to her friend about her illness, saying she was on the mend. On Tuesday, she sent a parcel in the post, but she got a note back saying it was lost. On Wednesday, she despatched an expensive present wrapped up tight so it wouldn’t get scratched. On Thursday, Betty Better’s letter talked about the weather. On Friday, she sent a pair of shoes, made from finest leather. Saturday’s post contained a card, in which Betty talked of the flowers in her backyard. It didn’t matter if she had nothing interesting to say … she wrote it in a letter, anyway.


If you could write a letter, who would it be to, why and what would you say ?

Stamp It Out

Circle the word “it” inside the passage above. How many “it’s” can you find ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answer : 5

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