The Buckle On Santa’s Belt


One Christmas, Santa’s belt didn’t fit. He’d been eating mince pies all through December, though he did intend to slim down a bit. Unfortunately, Mrs. Christmas’s mince pies were very tasty indeed, so now he found that his trousers didn’t fit ! Every day, all Autumn, by more than a few inches, his belly grew and grew. Now, on Christmas Eve, he was size one hundred and two ! PLOP – The buttons popped off, one by one and when Santa looked down, his zip was undone. Whenever Santa on mince pies became full up, his trousers fell down, though he tried to pull them back up. He did try braces, but they didn’t work that well … because Santa’s enormous belly continued to swell ! The more his belly became overgrown, everything Santa did, his pants became loose and fell down ! Although he tried to breath in and hold himself in with all his might, his trousers around his ankles really did look quite a sight ! Santa brought a rope and tied his pants tight – but they slipped down to his knees, the minute he wasn’tupright ! Santa couldn’t decide, if his belt had shrunk, or he had got bigger. Either way, he looked like he was drunk … and all the elves soon started to snigger. To lift up his trousers over his enormous belt would surely require a digger ! Mrs Christmas ran to fetch her sewing kit and hastily stitched as quick as she could – but when Santa went to the shed down the garden path, his trousers fell in mud. Santa started to rant – the angrier he got, the more is pants fell down a lot ! Santa’s underpants, were of course, as usual spotty (and all the gnomes could see them) – no wonder the matter was driving Santa potty.


Belt Up Santa !

Circle the word “up”.

washing up




upper class


grow up




puppy dog
















upside – down






Up On The Chimney With Santa

Add the word “up”.

s__ __ per


__ __ wards


c__ __


s__ __


d__ __e


tro__ __ed


s__ __er


fed __ __


s__ __esonic


__ __keep


__ __lift


__ __beat


__ __grade


__ __bringing


__ __heaval

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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