The Christmas That Santa Got A Magic Chess Set


When he unwrapped his present, on Christmas morning, Santa couldn’t believe his luck, it was like opening up a treasure chest – and there was much more than simply a book ! The Christmas that Santa got a new chess set, squared upto be one of the best. He’d been asking so much for a new chest, no – one in the grotto, ever got any rest ! But little did Mrs.Christmas know, that the chess set had picked up some of the snowman’s magic, when she had dropped it on the garden footpath, in the snow. The conductor was making such a fuss, that Mrs. Christmas had slipped as she’d got off the bus ! The chess set flew away in the gust, as Gerome the gnome fetched a pan and brush to sweep up the dust. Mrs. Christmas hastily got her key and opened the front door, dripping melted ice upon the hall floor. She hurried inside, to where Santa’s eggs were being fried (she really didn’t want Santa to see … how many mince pies she’d bought from the shops for tea or what his Christmas present was going to be !).  Everyone wanted to play, but Mrs. Christmas said they had to wait until Christmas day. The snowman, of course, preferred the white squares – though obviously, he had to team up with the Christmas fairy to play in pairs. He accidentally dropped one or two of the pieces as he came running downstairs. It was then that they realised the chess set was magic … when the King jumped magically back up, Santa was most surprised ! Just to put the theory to the test, Santa threw a pawn at a guest ! Instead of heading straight in a line, the pawn swerved through the air in the kitchen and splashed in a glass of wine ! The Queen, too, had picked up some magic from the snow, when the snowman threw it, it started to glow ! When Santa played Christmas carols, soon, all the chess pieces had begun to dance. It was almost as if, they had all had picked up a bit of magic, quite by chance ! Santa gave the mince pies a second glance – “Mmmm”, he wondered on the notion, “Could that be the cause of all the commotion ?!”. Mrs. Christmas usually filled her pies with lots of brandy, so it was easy to understand why and how their magic had become quite handy. Whenever the chess pieces fell down, they automatically jumped back up … though the wind wasn’t that strong, they never stayed down for long !


All Aboard Santa’s Express

1. If there were 25 squares lengthways and 25 squares in the width, how many squares in total were on Santa’s chess set ?

2. How big was the chess set in square cm if each square was 5 cm wide ?

3. There were chess pieces on one – fifth of the squares, how many chess pieces were there in total ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008Answer :

1. 25 x 25 = 625

2. (25 x 5) x (25 x 5) = 15, 625 sq cm

3. 625 / 5 = 125

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