The Christmas That Santa Met The Queen


The Christmas that Santa met the Queen was the most royal Christmas ever seen. His invitation read,

“To celebrate Christmas, HRH requests the pleasure of His Right Honourable Santa Claus at the palace, on Christmas Eve, at 10 o’ clock “.

It also added that he could bring a guest (so Santa decided to take the robin red breast). Santa, of course, usually came uninvited, so he was delighted – from about August, he was getting excited. He only hoped that he would get on the right bus and that Mrs. Christmas wouldn’t make too much of a fuss. He spent ages choosing the right dress (naturally, he chose his favourite red and white suit), he only hoped that he would get the right address. On the big day, Santa parked his sleigh outside the royal gate – hoping that the guardsman didn’t mind, in case he was late. He had a stack of presents for the princes and princesses in his Christmas sack, stored (including a crown and some gold, which he was sure the Queen adored). He had heard what a lot of rooms the palace had got, but he couldn’t find one single chimney pot ! Santa scaled over the balcony and up the wall. He wished he had a ladder, so he didn’t fall. He hoped that the television cameras had captured his acrobatic magical flip, as he edged along the roof, he very nearly slipped. But Santa was sure that the Queen would understand – she too, had to take many round – the – world trips to far away lands. Just like a burglar, or a famous paintings’ thief, Santa jumped down the chimney pot, quicker than belief ! He landed with a “CLANG !” – making sure that the palace Christmas went with “BANG !”. Santa almost made the carol singers forget the words, as they harminously sang. A palace guard came to tick Santa off … when he realised who it was, he asked instead for his autograph ! Perhaps Santa should have used a disguise, to ensure that the Queen got some of Mrs. Christmas’s mince pies ! Needless to say, along all of those long corridors, Santa was soon rather lost. He asked someone the way – then realised it was Henry the Eighth’s ghost ! When Santa found the King, quietly taking a nap – he only wished he possessed a Buckingham palace map ! Santa was getting a little disconcerted – by now three hundred corridors he had skirted. It was already nine – thirty and a trail of soot left all the carpets dirty. A very kind maid scolded him somewhat – then promptly asked, “What kind of presents have you got ?”. So Santa was in trouble, before the party was even able to start. A butler almost asked him to take his sacks and depart ! Until the butler realised that it a very special person, Santa Claus himself, the butler rather wished that they’d invited the elf !

It was the palace mouse, who finally helped Santa most – showing him the letterbox, for the Christmas cards he had to post. The palace mouse was most helpful, indeed, guiding Santa around the place, though once or twice he almost got trod on by Santa’s enormous size twelve boots. The mouse asked Santa for a present, too – so Santa gave him a lump of cheese and some breadcrumbs to dip in his Christmas stew. The mouse told Santa about his palace life, complaining bitterly, “I cannot take anymore, looking up the trouser legs of important people, from the floor !”. Santa reassured the mouse, that life would probably be much worse living in the grotto with his wife, Mrs. Christmas, or course. The chances of him getting his tail cut off with a carving knife were far greater. He was much better being a royal mouse, living in the mousehole underneath the Queen’s radiator. “You really should grumble”, Santa said, “If you were my mouse, I’d turn you into apple crumble”. Meanwhile, ten o’ clock was drawing near and Santa still hadn’t given any presents to anyone. He had at least two hundred to deliver before he was gone. The mouse, showed Santa the Christmas tree in the hall, where Santa placed the presents that he’d brought on the sleigh down the Mall. He didn’t mean to cause such a commotion, only to deliver to his beloved Queen some Christmas hand lotion. The Queen, naturally, thought her presents were great, thanking Santa profusely, as she offered him some turkey sandwiches from a plate. After about an hour or so, Santa realised it was time to go. It was nearly midnight and he still had to cover the whole of Australia – he didn’t want Christmas to be at all a failure. Santa went to kick – start the sleigh, which he usually did amazingly unproblematically. When, under the bonnet, Santa peeked, he realised that all the oil had leaked. What to do ? He still had a whole continent or two to travel to. “All is not lost”, the Queen said, “How much does a new one cost ?”. As Santa tried again, to put the sleigh into gear, the Queen had an even better idea. She called to the horseman to bring a coach from the stable as quickly as he was able. Everyone helped put the presents in a pile – he’d be in South Africa in a very short while, Christmas royal style. So, this year, Santa’s round – the – word trip, was in a golden carriage fit for a King (delivering presents, Christmas went with a golden swing !).


The Q To Meet The Queen

Circle all the words in the story above that contain the letter “Q”.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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