The Christmas That Santa Painted The Sleigh


Around the beginning of December, just so he’d remember, it was written on Santa’s “jobs to do before Christmas” list, to check the sleigh was working A O – K. He polished the headlamps, changed the fuse – out on the road, an engine that wasn’t working properly would be absolutely no use ! Then, Santa checked the bulb flashed (having good lights last year, was the only thing that meant he hadn’t crashed !). He checked the tyres and the engine wires … the carburettor was turning great. The only thing that needed fixing, was one of the letters on the registration plate. A bit of oil … and water so the radiator wouldn’t over – boil. Santa stitched the seats, where they were worn and checked his sacks fit without being torn. (There wasn’t enough room for all the toys in the boot). Next, Santa also made sure that the horn “HOOT !” and “TOOT !”. The odd screw here and nail hammered there … soon, clouds of exhaust fumes spluttered everywhere ! At five, Santa took, his newly reconditioned machine off for a test drive (but actually, it was really more of a nose dive !). Needless to say, along the road, the bodywork got splattered with every one exhaust explode ! The tyre marks trailed towards the garden shed … then turned towards the South Pole instead !. Soon, there was even mud on the garden shed ! Back to square one … the polishing once more began. One gnome brought some paint and Gerome, the gnome, brought a paintbrush too – they quickly setting about deciding if they preferred green, yellow or blue ?! A splash here and a wash there – Santa’s sleigh was soon looking better than it did last year ! Needless to say, Santa was soon seeing – red – with red splashes on his red and white Winter suit from his toes upto his head ! All of this painting, was of course, hard work … so Santa and the elves were soon deliberating how and where they could shirk. The chief elf called for a union meeting, complaining bitterly that the engine was still over – heating and there were still tears in the seating. Some Christmas greeting ! © Jacqueline Richards 2008

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