The Christmas That Santa Spent In The Train Station


The Christmas that Santa spent in the train station was the busiest of all – he used his advent calendar, rather than the timetable on the wall ! His sleigh had broken down, somewhere on the other side of town. When the tyre burst – he had to find a way, to get back to the grotto, before it was Christmas Day. All the other gnomes on the station seemed in a considerable hurry, but luckily, Santa had a pass for first class – so he didn’t need to worry. The radio buzzed, announcing the arrival of the next train … so Santa loaded his sack onto the luggage rack and tried to rush to get out of the rain. Inside the carriage was much warmer, Santa enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. It tasted a bit sugary, but he wolfed down the lot. The Christmas that Santa spent on the train station didn’t look like being that great – he was left on the platform, sitting on a crate.


Tickets, Please ! Work out the cost of the following journeys.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

* Teachers’ note – Get a copy of a railway timetable and highlight specific journeys to different places. Calculate the cost of each and change from £50.

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