The Christmas That Santa Spent On The Roof


One Christmas, Santa was settling down after tea, to watch the news, as he usually did, when in Rudolph the red nose reindeer skid. “CRASH !”, he landed on the cat – who scurried away, chasing the rat. “What’s that ?”, Santa cried as he jumped up – dropping the scone on his plate. The tea fell from his cup. The television fizzled out, as Santa started to jump about. As Mrs. Christmas rushed in, Santa scratched his bearded chin. They needed a TV to know when Christmas was to begin – and of course, to watch the Queen’s speech whilst they had a night in : the highlight of Mrs. Christmas’s Christmas. There was nothing else to do, other than to climb up and fix it. As one of the gnomes went to get a ladder … Mrs. Christmas was getting madder and madder. She wanted to watch her favourite soap opera at seven – thirty – but she hadn’t done the washing up and the pots were still rather dirty. They still didn’t have a television that worked alright – and (believe it or not) Santa really didn’t like heights. Outside, Santa slowly made his way along the gutter … he had to be careful, because in the ice, the roof was as slippy as butter. From on the roof – top, though the snow was cold, Santa had a great view, he could see all the way down the road to Mold. With a hit with the hammer and a twist of the spanner … … Santa got fixing better than a town planner. Soon, Santa could hear the TV inside the grotto as it blarted … but that was when his problems really started. Whilst he was there, up on the roof, Santa thought that it would be a good idea – to check that the size of the chimney pot, too. He had put on a few pounds since last Christmas and wanted to make sure, that he could slip just as easily through the chimney pot, rather than go through the door. No wonder, this Christmas he was somewhat down – hearted … when he got completely stuck … without even a book. On the rooftop, with nothing to do – Santa started to cry “Boo, hoo !”. The gnome came from out of the garden shed, to see what was wrong – and promptly fled … Santa was heading towards the flowerbed ! Quickly, in case, the pair collided, the snowman went to bring a trampoline, he decided. “Jumpin’ beans and evergreens !”… this year was the most bouncing Christmas that the grotto had ever seen.


A Christmastime Rhyme Game

Find ten rhyming word sets in the story. Example – gutter and butter.


Rudolph’s Hoof On The Roof

A Christmas look at “oof” and “oth” words … which is the correct one to use ?


__ __ __ er


b__ __ __ er


br __ __ __


to __ __ __


sp __ __ __


waterpr __ __ __


m __ __ __ er


pr __ __ __


to __ __ __ brush


w __ __ __


an __ __ __ er


br __ __ __ er


sm __ __ __ er


to __ __ __ paste


b __ __ __


fr __ __ __ y


cl __ __ __ es


© Jacqueline Richards 2008Answers : other ; bother ; broth ; tooth ; spoof ; waterproof ; mother ; proof ; toothbrush ; woof ; another ; brother ; smother ; toothpaste ; both ; clothes ; frothy

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