The Christmas When Rudolph’s Nose Didn’t Shine


During the Christmas when Santa’s nose didn’t shine, Santa fell over the cat and the elf spilt the wine. When Santa went to bed – he wondered why his presents didn’t arrive … probably because he was late and the alarm clock was set for five. Oh dear ! “What can the matter be ?”, asked Mrs. Christmas, thinking it was Friday not Saturday ! Santa forgot to put out the cat – of course, he remembered, when he put his size nine boots on the mat ! Then, when Santa heard that breakfast was served, he tripped coming downstaris and around the kitchen swerved. Clumsily stomping about the house, Santa put his foot down … and suddenly squashed a mouse ! Although he did switch the lights off and on … this year, Christmas remained in darkness and wasn’t really that much fun. He ate his Christmas breakfast for tea and his lunch at half past three – all because Rudolph’s nose didn’t shine and Santa couldn’t see. Although he did put on his spectacles, he still poured lemonade in all wrong receptacles. Without a light, Santa missed the chimney pot on Christmas night and Frosty the Snowman couldn’t find his hat again when it was knocked off in a snowball fight. When Rudolph’s nose didn’t shine, Christmas was dull and boring most of the time. When Santa went to walk in the wood, he slipped and fell by the holly bush in mud. Santa tried to lock the door, but he missed with the key and it fell on the floor – now he couldn’t open the door anymore ! It seemed that everything in the dark, was hid, including the robin, who slipped down the grid ! When Santa meant to polish the family photographs – instead with his feather duster, he tickled Fred, which cause some laughs.Santa kicked over the milk and he put on a woollen scarf, instead of his favourite silk. Everyone’s Christmas cards were wrongly addressed and he put his Wellington boots on the wrong feet when he got dressed. Santa’s socks didn’t fit his feet at all. No wonder – what he was wearing was really his hat which he’d picked up by mistake off the coat hook on the wall. When he played Christmas games, Santa was hopeless – he missed the names.None of the lights worked on the tree and when Rudolph’s nose didn’t shine, none of the candles got lit, so Santa couldn’t see where to sit ! When Rudolph’s nose didn’t shine, Santa couldn’t see where to dine. Although he meant to sit on the settee, he missed, fell down and banged his knee ! No wonder, he was covered in Christmas tea – everything toppled off the table, accidentally ! The eskimo thought that this was incredibly funny – until Santa asked to borrow for the electricity meter some money ! The gnome suggested, “What Santa really needed was a generator, to light up the grotto and make Christmas greater.” So all the elves in Santa’s grotto bought a ticket for the lucky lotto. They wished hard and long, for lights that shone strong – but they still didn’t have much luck – Rudolph’s nose still did not shine. As the gnome went to fetch a duster and polish Rudolph’s nose with all the energy that he could muster, the Christmas fairy brought her wand, waved it and magic began to shine in Christmas land.


The Generator Game

It takes 500 amps of electricity to light the grotto. The number of amps of electricity that Santa has is written in the mathematical equations below. How many more amps of electricity would Santa need to make the light shine ?

1. 35 + ____ = 500

2. 50 + ____ = 500

3. 150 + ____ = 500

4. 250 + ____ = 500

5. 450 + ____ = 500

6. 300 + ____ = 500

7. 200 + ____ = 500

8. 100 + ____ = 500

9. 75 + ____ = 500

10. 125 + ____ = 500


Shine A Light !

Add the word “light” to complete the words below, then make a sentence using the word as an example to show you understand it.

f _____________















© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Generation Game Answers : 465 ; 450 ; 350 ; 250 ; 50 ; 200 ; 300 ; 400 ; 425 ; 375

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