The Christmas When Santa and Rudolph Got Caught In The Rain


The Christmas when there was a rainstorm, Santa hurried home to get back in the warm. Santa dearly loved the rain – and so did his reindeer. It didn’t much matter that there was thunder. What caused lightening made Santa wonder. He loved to splash in the puddles. Soon, they were splashing about so much that Santa (and the reindeer) were covered in slutch. Before long, his socks shrank, just in the trip getting back from the bank. Whenever there was sleet, Santa’s socks no longer fit his feet ! The Christmas when it rained heavily, Santa got soaking wet. The last I heard, he was still trying to tumble dry out his clothes – though they’re still not dry, yet ! “All I want for Christmas”, Santa confided to the snowman, “Is a brand new umbrella”. When he looked at the presents underneath the tree, Santa felt the luckiest fella that there could ever be ! He awaited the next rainstorm with glee – it took a week for Santa to use his new umbrella for the first time, eventually. When he did, it worked a treat – except on the puddles, in which Santa splashed his feet. Santa found, that he still got wet – his socks were still as soggy as they could possibly get. His new umbrella simply wasn’t big enough – when he went out, he still got covered in snow ‘n’ stuff. Santa pondered on the problem rather a lot – it seemed that the only solution would be to wait until the weather got hot ! He tried everything – First, Santa bought a raincoat, it was rather expensive and didn’t quite fit – santa found that he still got wet a bit. Next, he looked for a tree, big enough to shelter the elves, Santa and the snowman in one go from the snow. His new umbrella was very useful, but it kept disappearing, every time that the wind started to blow. Then, the Christmas fairy did something extra – ordinairy : she said “abracadabra !” and magic things started to happen … Not only did the sky turn from grey to blue, but some of the rainclouds disappeared, too ! When it came to keeping dry, of all of the solutions that Santa decided to try, none worked quite as well, as when the Christmas fairy from the dell cast a magic spell. I asked her what it was, but she wouldn’t tell ! 


The Hole In Santa’s Umbrella

Add the letters E – L – L to make a whole word.
























sea – sh







© Jacqueline Richards 2008Answers : yellow ; fellow ; mellow ; sell ; bell ; bellow ; tell ; dell ; hello ; well ; swelling ; sea – shell ; umbrella ; spell ; spelling

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