The Christmas When Santa Fell In The Pond


On the Christmas when Santa fell into the pond, Santa took a slippy skinny dip, rather than a Christmas round the world trip. He hardly expected to spend Christmas with a frog, but he tripped when he sat down on a log in the fog. Before he knew it, he was in the bog ! His Wellignton boots had never squelched so much, as when Santa fell into muddy slutch. The swan, seeing Santa was ina a muddle, came to help him out of the puddle. He pulled so hard that when Santa flew out, so did an enormous trout ! That Christmas, Santa didn’t expect to be wishing, for a fish and chip tea – caught fly fishing ! Instead of mistletoe, Santa decorated the house with pond weed ! Water drippe doff his nose … “Atishoo !”, he sneezed upon the crows. One by one, in the snow, Santa’s trail of muddy footprints lead up the path to the grotto door. Furthermore, there was even a tadpole found on Mrs. Christmas’s kitchen floor ! This year was the most swimming Christmas that the elves had ever had … But Santa thought was really bad, was having to share his mince pies with a frog from the lillypad ! Santa had only gone to feed the ducks, when one of his feet became unstuck. “Ooops !”, he cried as he landed with a “SPLASH !” and away a swan flew when he heard the “CRASH !”.



How many words can you think of the include the word “pad” ?


Pond Weed

Circle the word “pond” inside these bigger words. Then make a sentence using the word as an example.



pond weed






pond water







© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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