The Christmas When Santa Got A New Fishing Rod


Santa had never been so caught up as the Christmas that he got a new fishing rod. Christmas, of course, went swimmingly – for Christmas dinner, they ate turkey as well as cod ! He went to show his friend, the eskimo his new fishing tackle. Before long, they were off on a fishing boat, with Santa grumbling because he’d forgotten his coat ! The Christmas when Santa got a fishing rod, he caught : one Christmas fairy (off the top of the tree), two Christmas presents (though he originally thought it was three) and a cat (which cried so much that he quickly set it free !). At first, Santa couldn’t find a worm big enough to catch a fish, so he used some of Mrs. Christmas’s mince pies, which he stole from out of her dish (rather quick – ish !). It worked a treat, he even caught a trout just by stomping his feet ! After a while, he had in his net, rather a considerable number (all because of Mrs. Christmas’s mince pies, I bet !). Even the ducks on the grotto pond, came to munch a bit – they quacked at Santa’s feet, when on the park bench, he came to sit. One of the Christmas fish was rather hungry – he had an enormous appetite … he chomped on the fishing wire as he took a bite. In just one gulp, he’d swallowed the fishing hook … such a big “CHOMP !” that Santa only had four fingers when he next took a look ! Santa boasted of his adventures to the snowman … “It was a whale !”, he said, though, of course, he exaggerated about the size (which was a good job, because in the grotto they didn’t have that many French fries !). Santa entered the fish into a an angling competition …


The Fishing Tackle Spelling Game

How many words can you think of that include the letters “tacle” ? Example – spectacle, receptacle.


Santa’s Angling Triganometry Game

* Teacher’s note – Draw a picture of Santa fishing on the whiteboard. Use triganometry theory to explain how the angles of the fishing line can be either acute, right or obtuse. Then draw the fishing line in different positions. For example, when the line dangles straight down, it is 45 degrees from the rod. You can also use Pythagoras’s theorem, sine, cosine and tangent to work out : a) The length of the rod

b) The length of the fishing line

c) How far away Santa is stood on the bank of the pond

d) The three point triangular angles

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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