The Christmas When Santa Got A New Paintbox


The Christmas when Santa got a new paint box, the first thing he painted with his stockings and socks. Then he painted the kitchen table – he covered the grotto with as much paint as he as able. He sploshed here and splashed there … there were soon even paint spots on every one of the chairs (and multi – coloured footprints going up the stairs !). Santa’s multi – coloured paintbox turned out to be really tops ! Before long, he’d decorated all the way from the grotto to the shops. He decided that red could possibly be, a much better colour for the Christmas tree. The mince pies, he painted blue, he even painted the bread and turkey too ! He first started inside the house – he only stopped once he’d covered the mouse ! Although Santa only meant to paint the cat – he splashed more paint upon the mat. Santa was soon in such a rush, that he not only painted the fireplace in the living room, but also the bucket which Santa used to keep his brush ! Outside, on the sleigh, Santa changed the colour from grey. He even painted the snow, so now he had orange snowballs to throw ! Even the robin outside in th snow, was all the colours of the rainbow. Santa didn’t like the colours of the trees, so he carried on painting yellow, until paint covered his knees. SPLISH ! SPLASH ! as quick as a flash, Santa found he needed a wash ! In the shower, for hours and hours, Santa scrubbed with shampoo until he smelt like flowers. All his singing caused bubbles to froth – but the bubbles that appeared were multi – coloured from the bath !


The Write Colour

If you were Santa, what Christmas things would you paint in which colour and why ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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