The Christmas When Santa Had A Boat


One Christmas, Santa was given a boat. He didn’t know why the elf had chosen that as a present, but, either way, they had great fun in it, trying to stay afloat. The gnomes helped Santa hitch up the boat to the back of the sleigh – Santa started up the engine and soon, they were away ! They called at a shop to get some worms and pick up some fishing line and soon, they were all at the beach in no time. Santa kicked his flips flops off in the air. There were lots of things to see and do … there was even fayre … which they visited, munching candy floss, too. Santa checked on the map to see if there was hidden treasure to be dug anywhere, but, of course, there was none. Santa was more used to snow, of course, rather than basking in the Sun, but he had just as much fun as anyone ! The elves, who were rather more used to building snowmen, constructed a sandcastle – it was the best there had ever been, even though it had only a seashell for a door and no flag could be seen. Santa brought some seawater in a bucket – he looked all around for the spade (but the Christmas fairy had took it !). Whilst Mrs. Christmas prepared a picnic tea, they all went off for a paddle in the sea. The gnome almost slipped on seaweed, accidentally, nearly ! About one hundred metres off the seashore, as they set sail, Santa spotted a whale. “Watch out !”, he cried out, “It may turn the boat about !”. But the whale was quite friendly and quietly passed along – hardly complaining about their “Row the boat !” song. The Christmas fairy caught a fish – she hadn’t even made a fishing wish ! Before they ran aground, they turned the boat around. In the dock, they built a campfire, where they fried the cod – it tasted great (though Rudolph the reindeer said that he much preferred skate !).


Keepin’ Afloat Quiz

1. Name one type of fish in the passage above. 2. Name one number.

3. Name something that can be used to dig a hole in the story.

4. Name one thing to eat.

5. Name one thing that you can travel in.

6. Name one thing that you can build.

7. Name one thing that Santa bought.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :

1. skate, whale

2. hundred

3. spade

4. candy floss, fish.

5. sleigh, boat.

6. sandcastle, snowmen

7. worms and fishing line.

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