The Christmas When Santa Joined A Rugby Club


The Christmas when Santa joined a rugby club, was the oddest Christmas of all – in fact, he even had an odd – shaped Christmas ball. All Santa really wanted was a nice taste of Christmas rum, but the Christmas when Santa joined a rugby club, he spilled a bit in the scrum ! Santa always wanted to play for England – but, having eaten so many mince pies and drank so much sherry, all year, he was hardly that athletic – full of beer rather than full of cheer ! so he went to play for his local town team. The Christmas when Santa joined the rugby team, there was grass in the ice – cream. The club chairman said that his subscription would cost ten pounds – but for free he could take a look around the grounds. Santa went to choose a good colour tracksuit – it wasn’t long, of course, before eleven other players were in hot pursuit ! Santa asked Mrs. Christmas, on the sidelines, for a new pair of boots – it wasn’t long, of course, before he was making great shoots. All of the elves bought a ticket to the match (mainly because, in Winter, there wasn’t any good cricket to watch !). Being magic, Santa helped them win – they used his bell, instead of a whistle to announce that the game was about to begin. “Come on, you reds !” the crowd cheered, as Santa kicked a goal (it took a while for Santa to realise that they were telling him in his shorts there was a hole !). Santa’s Wellington boots came in very handy, indeed, to keep up his rugby socks … especially when he was running around the blocks ! Santa won the cup – largely because of the Christmas fairy and her extra – ordinairy magic wand. When Santa scored a hat – trick – no – one anticipated that it was all thanks to the Christmas fairy – who was better at magic ticks than anyone ! 


By and By

How many words, like “rugby, can you think of that end in the word “by” ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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