The Christmas When Santa Learned How To Dance


The Christmas when Santa learned how to dance, turned into one of the merriest Christmas’s that the grotto had ever seeen, quite by chance. Santa was used to putting a foot wrong, but no – one had expected him to fall over, when he started singing his favourite song. Although, his guitar was hopelessly out of tune, Santa still danced under the light of the Winter Moon. It didn’t matter that there was snow (nor that his awful dancing didn’t make his guests go), Santa still considered his dancing to flow. Two steps forwards and three back – Santa soon was getting the knack. He didn’t even stop when he shoes fell off – or when the neighbours started to scoff … Santa carried on dancing while the lights flashed on and off ! He started with disco, but it was too fast. Then he tried the tango, but the music didn’t last. One, two, three, four … Santa foxtrot across the floor. Although the music player didn’t have much beat, Santa clapped his hands and tapped his feet (really he would have loved to sit down, but there wasn’t a seat !). Wellington boots aren’t that great for ballet, they really weighed like lead. So Santa decided before he made a hole in the floor, to stick to delivering presents instead. When Santa tap danced in the snow, it seemed that his dancing was starting to slow. But then he realised, that the footprints he made, would help him, in his dance exams, make the grade. What better way than to practise ? than on ready – made steps in ice, tripping the light fantastic !


Can I Have The Next D – ance ?  

Add the letters A – N – C – E to complete the words below.


ch __ __ __ __


d __ __ __ __


tr __ __ __ __


fr __ __ __ __


pr __ __ __ __


d __ __ __ __ r


entr __ __ __ __


eleg __ __ __ __


l __ __ __ __ t


gl __ __ __ __


l __ __ __ __ d

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers : chance ; dance ; trance ; france ; prance ; dancer ; entrance ; elegance ; lancet ; glance ; lanced

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