The Christmas When Santa Learned To Drive An Aeroplane


In the North Pole, the sleigh, pulled by reindeer, is the most convenient way to travel … except when sometimes, the reindeers reins unravel. Calamity struck, one Christmas, in the grotto, when, setting off around the world, Santa was late. He had a thousand and one presents to deliver – but his sleigh wasn’t working that great ! When Santa tried to get his sleigh from out of his garden shed, he found, unexpectedly, he had a punctured, flat tyre – but what else could he use instead ? In the snowfall, the headlamps didn’t work at all … Every time, he tried to switch on, the gears started to stall. What was Santa going to do ? When he had only a sleigh with no steering wheel, too ? As Santa was thinking hard and long about what was wrong … a gust of wind started to blow quite strong. A paper aeroplane, from the sky, hit Santa on the head as it passed by. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration, Santa had an idea about how he could get to the other side of the nation ! Not a boat (there was no sea), nor a helicopter (it would take too long and he had to be there before three !). Santa thought an aeroplane flight would be fun … but he wasn’t sure if they sold first class ticket to everyone ! He telephoned the airport, just North of the North Pole – now Christmas was really on a roll ! The pilot said that he had a seat spare on an aeroplane just about to set off for Australia and that they could easily reserve Santa a place, since his sleigh had engine failure. Santa packed all the presents in the cargo hold and off they set around the world. Although, off South America, the turbulence was quite bad, this year’s Christmas trip the best that Santa had had ever had ! (well, compared to a cold, windy sleigh, in the snow and ice, a nice first class passenger flight to Australia is a much better way to go !). “Look over there ! Quick” cried out the pilot, pointing out the Eifel Tower, (he didn’t want Santa to miss his big chance). Santa was certainly glad he’d remembered his camera, as he took snapshots over France.Just off the coast of Spain, Santa asked the pilot if he could try, navigating the aeroplane, as they flew through the sky. First, Santa, adjusting his strap, helped by reading the global map – then he adjusted the dials and guages (Wow ! he really was a helpful chap .. . till one of them SNAP !). Santa sent a radio message to ground control, requesting assistance carrying all the presents in the hold ! When Australia came into view, the pilot agreed that Santa could fly too. Being, of course, a little nervous untill he learned how – Santa gripped the gearstick – and put the gears on “go – slow”. “This is great !, mate” Santa cried to his co – pilot (a hundred miles above the Adriatic plate !). Over the Atlantic Ocean, Santa performed a magic loop – de – loop trick ! Then a back – flick ! (just about stopping himself being sick !). “Jolly good sport !”, exclaimed the pilot, approaching the airport. As the pilot landed the aeroplane with a “BUMP !”, Santa put on his parachute and took a jump. On the ground, one by one, presents landed with a “THUMP !”. That day, the messages relayed on the radar, transmitted all around the world, of course, were Christmas messages and carol songs, from Santa : telling of the joyous news of a newborn King, baby Jesus, being born (and Santa, airborne, on an aeroplane, off course !).

Santa On The Airwaves

Aer or air ? which is the correct one to use ?

__ __ __ ogram


__ __ __ port


__ __ __ odynamics


radio __ __ __ waves


h __ __ __ style


tables and ch __ __ __ s


upst __ __ __ s


__ __ __ borne


__ __ __ ography


__ __ __ hostess


__ __ __ onautic


__ __ __ officer


__ __ __ odrome


__ __ __ letter


__ __ __ tight


__ __ __ ambulance


__ __ __ ate


television __ __ __ ial

© Jacqueline Richards 2008Answers : aerogram ; airport ; aerodynamics ; radio airwaves ; hairstyle ; tables and chairs ; upstairs ; airborne ; aerography ; air hostess ; aeronautic ; air officer ; aerodrome ; air letter ; airtight ; air ambulance ; aerate ; television aerial

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