The Christmas When Santa Lost His Key


One Christmas, as Santa was returning home, he tripped by the gate as he waved to a gnome. Outside the grotto, on the floor, suddenly, his key slipped out of his hand and Santa lost it somewhere by the door ! No wonder that Santa felt quite grim – his chances of finding his key were getting thinner and the light was getting dim ! “PLOP !”, he heard it drop, but when it came to looking, he didn’t know where to begin. It seemed that now, he had no way, of ever getting in ! First, Santa looked underneath the flowerpot, – the key wasn’t there so perhaps he had picked the wrong spot ! Next, Santa looked by the garden wall … though at dusk, he couldn’t see very much at all. Santa checked by the bird table, he even asked his next door neighbour, Mabel. Mabel said that she hadn’t got a clue … advising that he should ask at the stable, too. “Meiouw !”, Santa’s cat, Katy cried, by his feet … which startled Santa – his heart almost missed a beat ! As Santa jumped back, he nearly had a heart attack ! (and so did his cat !). Suddenly, the elf heard a loud “CRACK !”. Then, as Santa jumped back, he put his fist through the door of his shack. Usually, Santa wasn’t so fussy, but today, as luck would have it, he rather liked his pussy. As soon as they were inside the grotto, Santa gave her a saucer of cream, tickling Katy behind her ears, until she beamed a dream (rather than scream !). So eventually, Santa didn’t need his key at all (though luckily, he hadn’t put his fist through the grotto brick wall !).


Cat Got Ya’ Tongue !?

1. What in the English language is a

“silent letter ” ?

2. What letters are they ?

3. Give five examples of words containing each of the silent letters that you have chosen. Example, “phonic” – has no “p” sounded in it’s pronunciation. “Light” has no letter “g” pronounced out loud verbally.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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