The Christmas When Santa Made History


The Christmas when Santa made history, originally was quite ordinairy. Except that some of the magic spilled from the wand of the Christmas fairy. “PAZAM !”, the minute that the magic started to work it’s wonder – Santa heard a roar of thunder. Soon, he was twice as big as he was before – in fact, he could hardly fit through the grotto door. There were record – breaking decorations and the Christmas cards could hardly fit through the letterbox. Even Santa’s sleigh caught some of the magic, too, when it skid – flying through the air much faster than it usually did. So quickly, that it made the record books – it flew so fast, it frightened off all the ducks ! Santa thought that Mrs. Christmas’s record – breaking cooking wouldn’t stop – there were three times as many mince pies (but unfortunately, three times as many pots !). That year, the snowman was bigger than ever – built by elves twice as clever. The record breaking didn’t stop there – the Christmas tree had the most ever fairy lights and Santa’s stocking was enormous to wear. There were many more Christmas presents than ever before – piled up high beneath the tree on the floor (actually, so many, Santa could hardly open the door !). The record – breaking Christmas cracker was so big that in just one of it’s “POP’s”, the Christmas joke flew all he way to the shops !


Record Breakers

1. Who holds the record for the fastest swim ?

2. Who holds the record for the fastest run ?

3. Who holds the record for the biggest cake ?

4. Who holds the record for the longest swim ?

5. Who holds the record for the tallest person ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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