The Christmas When Santa Planted A New Christmas Tree


Although Santa’s Christmas tree didn’t start growing until February, the Christmas when Santa planted a new Christmas tree, turned out to be the most horticultural Christmas in Christmas history ! Santa was outside, the entire Christmas Eve, digging a big hole and polishing the beanstalk leaves. The project started quite small, but by March, the Christmas tree was two feet tall. It needed water, of course, (though sometimes Santa forgot the times when he ought to !). By April, the Christmas tree was even alrger – about the size of the windowsill – the last I heard, it was growing still ! When Santa looked again, a week later, the Christmas tree was a metre bigger. By the end of June, Santa had to call in a digger. In August, there was a gust of wind, so Santa went to get a pair of shears, and the branches he thinned ! He almost forgot to remember to check it in September … it had grown another two feet, by the end of December !


Plant An Idea

How many English words and phrases can you think of that include the word “plant” ? Example – planter.¬© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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