The Christmas When Santa Sat On A Holly Leaf


Christmas, Santa thought, was full of pickles, but one Christmas turned out to be full of prickles ! All December, he’d been decorating the grotto, covering the walls all around the room. A bit of mistletoe here, a few berries there. Soon, there was holly everywhere ! Santa added some bows, too and a few candles as Santa’s do. Santa was soon tired, it took a lot of work – he soon sat down, next to the fireplace – wrapping his presents he did shirk. “OUCH !” he cried out in pain. “Had one of the elves dropped a nail making trains ?”. Mrs Christmas perhaps had dropped a pin, whilst she was stitching the hole in his stocking – or not put the scissors back in her sewing bin ! Santa took a closer look … at what it was in his trousers that stuck ! As Santa bent over, her felt a tear – his trousers were wripped and he’d broken the chair ! There wasn’t a chance that he could sit back down – or that by Christmas Eve on time, his red and white Christmas suit would be sewn. This year’s Christmas festivities had really hit rock bottom – once Santa had a stuck pin in his bottom ! Usually, at this time of year, Santa was in stitches. But now that his trousers had a hole worn caused by the thorn, it was a Christmas of rags not riches !


Sharp Frost

Write a list of things that are also sharp.


Santa In A S – pin

Similar to the children’s game, stick a pin in the donkey, this can be played with two teams, blind – folded. Instead of locating a donkey’s tail in the correct location. Players compete to put the pin in the middle of the buckle on Santa’s belt.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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