The Christmas When Santa Went Snow – Boarding


Mrs. Christmas brought Santa a present from her Christmas shopping trip, one day (she had heard that he had had problems, with the engine on his sleigh). In the supermarket, she had seen a snowboard htat might help Santa get away on Christmas day. When Santa saw his new transport, he smiled with delight – he agreed, a snowboard would come in very useful, indeed, taking presents on Christmas night. Santa put his foot on it, trying it on for size. But when the snowboard suddenly took off, he got quite a Christmas surprise ! The snowboard was magic and did magic tricks – it orbited the universe and took on a round the world trip with one slip. At first, he wobbled, as Santa took off, a hundred miles an hour wasn’t nearly fast enough ! Around the corner, the snowboard started to sway … the reindeers had a race, but they were no match for Santa and his snow board, tugging heavy presents behind on the sleigh. When Santa slid down the hillside, he thought that he wouldn’t stop … It didn’t take a minute, to get to the bottom from the top ! As Santa quickly flashed past, the elves in the grotto heard a very loud “CRASH !”. There in hte snow, by the garden shed, Santa had fallen in the flower bed. Luckily, the snow made a very soft landing indeed, in between the Christmas tree and the garden weeds. Although now he was covered buttercups, thankfully, the Christmas fairy quickly came to pick Santa back up. “There’s no business like snow business !”, sang Santa, merry as ever. He must have had another sherry to keep him warm in the cold weather !


All Aboard The Snowboard !

Design a Christmas snowboard for each of the people living in Santa’s grotto then race them. Who would win – the Christmas fairy, Santa, Robin Redbreast, the gnome, the elf or the snowman and why ? What remarkable features make each of their snowboards special enough to win a snowboard championship ? For example – the Christmas fairy’s snowboard might win because she casts magic on it with her wand, or the robin’s might win because it has wings.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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