The Christmas When Santa’s Snowman Came In From The Cold


One Christmas in the North Pole, Christmas was so cold that even the pine trees shivered. As the temperature dropped, the grandfather clock stopped. Santa hoped Christmas wouldn’t turn out a flop. Santa put another log on the fire and called to Mrs. Christmas to turn the heater up higher. As Santa stomped his feet to keep warm, icicles fell off the grotto roof. Even the reindeers stomped a hoof ! Outside, the robin flapped his wings – but the weather wasn’t really warm enough for him to sing. Since November, the gnome had been knitting Santa a new pair of socks – which was lucky since Santa’s toes were turning blue and Santa’s barometer read minus two. Just as Santa thought he couldn’t take anymore, he heard a knock at the grotto door. In walked the snowman, dripping onto the floor. Santa was bus wiring his Christmas cards with wishes heartfelt, hardly expecting a snowman to sit by his fire and melt ! But he liked the company and offered him a sherry – greeting his old snowy friend with wishes that were merry. The snowman asked Santa for a bed for the night – Santa showed him the spare room and where the switch was for the light. Santa tucked himself underneath his blankets, quickly falling fast asleep. He only awoke when the alarm clock gave a noisy bleep ! In the downstairs kitchen, Mrs. Christmas must have been cooking, because a tasty aroma wafted up the stairs. Santa hoped it was his favourite – eggs and bacon, then went to see where the snowman had gone. This year, Santa received a real surprise : the snowman had disappeared before his very eyes ! There was, of course a clue, (a sock or two), to suggest that the snowman was around somewhere, but exactly where, no – one knew.


A Snowy Disappearance

Calling for an investigation into where the snowman had been took, Santa asked Inspector Spectre to take a closer look. This is what they found, when they searched all around. Fill in the gaps – can you guess what and where the snowman had left on the ground ?

A w __ __ lly hat on the ch __ ir.

A p __ ece of c __ __ l by the fireside.

A Christmas c __ rd on the m __ ntel pi __ ce signed “From Fr __ sty”.

A phot __ __ raph in the hall of Santa and the Snowm __ n in the g __ rden.

A soggy st __ cking.

A puddle of icy w __ ter.

A carr __ t (Santa remembered that the snowman had used this for his n __ se).

A pair of m __ ddy Wellington boots.

F __ __ tprints from the garden path.

One sleigh b __ ll.

A bit of reind __ er fl __ ff.

A half eaten m __ nce p __ e and a splash of sh __ __ ry.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers : A woolly hat on the chair.

A piece of coal by the fireside.

A Christmas card on the mantel piece signed “From Frosty”.

A photograph in the hall of Santa and the Snowman in the garden.

A soggy stocking.

A puddle of icy water.

A carrot (Santa remembered that the snowman had used this for his nose).

A pair of muddy Wellington boots.

Footprints from the garden path.

One sleigh bell.

A bit of reindeer fluff.

A half eaten mince pie and a splash of sherry.

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