The Christmas When Santa’s Turkey Got In A Flap


The Christmas when Santa’s turkey got in a flap – his wings were fluttered so much, that even the presents started to unwrap. He hadn’t expected to loose a feather or two, all because in the weather, he jumped up and down in temperatures of minus twenty – two ! To keep warm, was all he meant to do … but he got so flustered that off he flew ! When the turkey crash landed by Santa’s sleigh – it took him a whole week, to unpluck his beak and fly away ! Over the Christmas tree, Santa’s turkey tried to get away …but he was soon in such a flap, that he’d flown to Tokyo and back in a day !


Lap – Land

Add the word L – A – P to complete the words.

__ __ __ se

f __ __ __

c __ __ __ ped

col __ __ __ se

s __ __ __ ped

© Jacqueline Richards 2008Answers : lapse ; flap ; clapped ; collapse ; slapped

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