Money Makes The World Go Round


Monseigneur Money Spider was in a spin. The revolving door of the bank where he lived was stuck and his patience was wearig thin. He didn’t know how to get out … nor could he get in. When it came to finding his way around the bank vault, he didn’t know where to begin and the thread on which he hung was getting precariously thin. He hoped it wouldn’t snap, at all, and he wouldn’t be able to climb back up the wall. Monseigneur Money Spider tried to dismount, but there were so many millions of bank notes piled up high, that he quickly started to lose count. He went to take a look around the vault, wondering what it was that was at fault. Monseigneur Money Spider was having a real good time – but he hadn’t expected that his trip would cost him so many nickels and dimes.


Money Makes The World Go Round Merry – Go – Round

Circle around the word “round” inside these bigger words. Then make a snetence using the word as an example. roundabout


round the clock



round – up

rounded off



merry – go round



© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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