Pied Piper


The Pied Piper of Hamlin didn’t mean to get chased by rats. All he wanted was to play is music around the town and up and down in the flats. But his music drifted wide and far. Through the windows and out of the door, left ajar. From the drainpipes, the rats started to come out – they followed the Pied Piper upto the roundabout. One of the rats had such a long tail, when he waved it, the passers – by thought that it was a taxi he was trying to hail. When the Pied Piper hit a high note, three windows of a shop smashed and in the harbour, he sunk a boat. The Pied Piper played music some more … and the rats quickly followed to come and listen to the score. As the rats started to follow, one by one, the Pied Piper’s picnic tea they started to swallow. First the rats chomped his sandwiches, then a biscuit or two – very soon, they gulped in tune – and there was nothing much left to chew. The Pied Piper, realising the problem was his play, decided to try beating a drum rather than play his flute all day. But when he tried four rats scuppered out of the way ! The idea didn’t work that well … when he put the drum down, he almost squashed a rat as well. Mmmmm. The Pied Piper pondered long and hard – how to avoid rats, yet remain a bard. He studied guitar and the bassoon, but he was hopeless, the rats called him an out – of – tune baffoon ! He wanted to be the best living orchestral fellow, so next, the Pied Piper practised the cello. First he played softly, then awfully loud – hardly surprising that his music drew an even bigger crowd.


Pied Piper Pie Charts

Draw the following Pied Piper percentage data on pie charts.Colour of rats – grey (50%), white (25%), black (25%) Food eaten by a rats – cheese (75%), bread (10%), biscuits (15%)

Location of rats – drainpipes (40%), park (30%), streets (10%), houses (20%)


2. Draw the following Pied Piper actual number data on pie charts.

Weight of rats – 50 grams (25 rats), 40 grams (45 rats), 30 grams (80 rats)

Length of rats – 15 cm (20 rats), 20 cm (10 rats), 25 cm rats (20 rats)

Pied Piper tunes – classical music (5 songs played), jazz (10 songs), pop (25 songs), rock (10 songs)


3. What do you notice about the two different categories above in relation to the centile ?


4. Draw the following Pied Piper fractions data on a pie chart.

Types of pies eaten by the rats – mince (1 / 3 rd), meat (2 / 6 ths), cheese (3 / 12 ths)


5. Draw the following Pied Piper decimal number data on pie charts.

Types of rats – river (0.2), house (0.25), garden (0.55)

Places where the Pied Piper ran – to the park (0.4), to the riverside (0.2), to the baker’s shop (0.1), up the hill (0.3)

The Pied Piper’s different instruments – pipe (0.12), flute (0.18), harp (0.3), recorder (0.4)


Drats ! Rat – Trap !Circle the word “rat” inside these bigger words.rattle


















© Jacqueline Richards 2007Question 3 answer : The first group of percentage data all add upto one hundred, because they form a percentage, whereas, in the second category, the percentage needs to be first calculated, whether they total more or less than one hundred.

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