Spidery Clap Trap


When Monseigneur Money Spider built a web, to catch all the flies in the bank, he hardly expected that the Bank manager would join in the prank. Very soon, he too was caught – red – handed with much more money than he ought. As well as one or two tasty insects that Monseigneur Money Spider picked up for tea, he also caught a five pound note, that wrapped in the thread, couldn’t get free. Soon, he was having a really swinging good time, dangling above the gold bars, hung on a spidery string line. As he span around on his spidery thread, he abseiled down the bank vault and almost crashed his head ! His spidery web made a great trampoline … for climbing upto the windows, when they needed to have a clean. Monseigneur Money Spider had never seen so much money – as when he made a spider’s web from the bank door to the dunny !

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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