Adventures Of Duane, The Bathroom Rubber Duck In The Drain


Even when the water was cold, because he didn’t have any cash, Duane the bathroom duck, loved a really good splash. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t dirty, he took a dive every night, at seven thirty. Soon, he was sliding towards the plughole … slipping down the drain faster than a Dover sole. Duane, the bathroom duck, never once got stuck ! In fact, once in the bath, he caught a fish with a fishing hook ! whilst he was removing all his muck. Duane asked the spider who had travelled up the drain, too, to scrub his black back, which was mucky, it’s true. When Duane looked again, it was dirty again ! Soon, sloppy webbed footprints walked along the bathroom floor towards the door … Duane’s friend, Ruby, was another rubber duck who also forgot to duck ! Before she knew it, she was hit on the head, by a rather soggy flannel, thrown at Duane instead.


The Pair Of Bathroom Squeagies

1. If one bathroom squeagy can hold 150 mls of water, how many squeezes of water does a one litre bucket contain ?

2. Imagine a 3 litre puddle on the bathroom floor, how many times does Duane have to squeeze the squeagy to clear the mess up ?


The Shampoo Championship

Add the letters S – H -A to complete the words.


__ __ __ ndy


__ __ __ mbles


__ __ __ me


__ __ __ ck


__ __ __ ll


__ __ __ de


__ __ __ llow


__ __ __ ft


__ __ __ bby


__ __ __ ke


__ __ __ dow


__ __ __ rk


The Spider Who Came Up The Drain

How many words can you think of that contain the ending – der ?


Plughole Spelling Game

Plug the following words into the right places to complete the English phrases below : hole or whole ? which is the correct one to use ?


1000 / 150 = 6.6 r

3000 / 150 = 20 squeezes

Answers : shandy ; shambles ; shame ; shack ; shall ; shade ; shallow ; shaft ; shabby ; shake ; shadow ; shark

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