Buckets, Paintbrushes and Wallpaper Paste – Jack Paints The Beanstalk In Considerable Haste


Jack decided to give the beanstalk a lick of paint. He was sick and tired of green and wanted a new look. He thought he’d like a change … so he went to the paintshop to check out the range. There were pots of this and pots of that … a splash here and there a “SPLAT !”. First Jack tried red, but it dazzled the caterpillar, who almost fell down a crack in the polyfilla. “What about yellow ?”, asked the bee, hoping that Jack would choose a colour to paint the beanstalk that would suit his taste for honey. Next, Jack put on a coat of blue, but he was spotted by the spotted woodpeecker, who said that blue wouldn’t do and Jack should choose a different colour hue ! Jack thought again, “Perhaps even pink, would be a nice colour for the beanstalk, I think !”. But the ladybird disagreed and said that it would cause a stink ! Can you guess the colour that Jack chose for the beanstalk ? Then match the colour to the colour of the animal living or thing in the beanstalk.

bl __ __

ye __ __ ow

or __ __ ge

p __ r __ le

p __ nk

r __ d

gr __ __ n

bl __ ck

br __ wn



bees and wasps




black bear

slugs and worms


the Sun

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :blue – bluebottle

pink – flower

red – ladybird

green – greenfly

yellow – bees and wasps

black – black bear

brown – slugs and worms

purple – butterflies

orange – the Sun

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