Jack’s Beanstalk Version of Metric Conversion


When Jack Met – Rick

Use the following conversion tables to answer the questions below.


miles : kilometres 1.6093

yards : metres 0.9144

feet : metres 0.3048

inches : millimetres 25.4

inches : centimetres 2.54


square miles : square kilometres 2.59

acres : hectares 258.999


gallons : cubic decimetres 4.5461

gallons : litres 4.546

quarts : litres 1.137

pints : litres 0.568


tons : kilograms 1016.05

hundredweights kilograms 50.8023

stones : kilograms 6.3503

pounds : kilograms 0.4536

ounces : grams 28.3495

1. If Jack travelled 1.67093 km, how many metres ahead behind was Rick, who travelled one mile ? Give your answer to two decimal places.2. If Rick walked at a speed of 5 km / hour and Jack travelled at 5 miles / hour, after one hour, how far apart were the pair ?

3. If Jack drank 5 litres of beer and Rick drank 3 litres, who drank the most and by how much ?

4. Rick’s height was 4 inches taller than Jack – how many millimetres is that ?

5. Jack’s beanstalk grew at a rate of 5 metres per day. After one weeek, how tall was it in metres, yards and feet ?

6. Rick climbed 5 feet and Jack climbed 3 metres up the beanstalk. Who was highest ? How far apart were they ?

7. Jack and Rick each collected 10 apples from the beanstalk, but Jack weighed his fruit in ounces and Rick measured the weight of his fruit in grams. If one apple weighed 2 oz,

a) How heavy were Jack’s apples in ounces ?

b) How heavy were Rick’s apples in grams ?

8. Jack made cider from the apples. If one apple produced 25 mls, how much cider was made from both Jack and Rick’s apples ?

9. Farmer Giles ploughed the field, measuring 4 hectares wide x 4 hectares long, around the beanstalk. How many square miles is that ?

10. His tractor used 15 gallons of fuel.

a) How many litres is that in the tank ?

b) If petrol cost £2.50 per litre, work out the total cost.

c) How much per gallon did the petrol cost ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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