Lazy Daisy, The Crazy Crow


As the beanstalk started to grow, so did one or two of it’s crows. No wonder, Jack got in such a flutter – when crows all around him flew off and on the gutter. Usually, Spring was the busiest time of year, when things around the beanstalk shift up a gear. The crows were busy building new nests and putting their fledglings to the test. But one crow, Lazy Daisy, was lazier than the rest. When all the other crows in the flock were up getting ready at six o’ clock, Lazy Daisy didn’t get out of bed until well past ten o’ clock … If the grass needed scratchin’, Lazy Daisy was sat on her nest, waitin’ for hatchin’. And she never once did any worm – catchin’. Lazy Daisy waited until some worms were dropped by the other crows as past the beanstalk they flew and on the wind, worms were blew. Lazy Daisy’s nest was only small – because she didn’t collect many twigs at all. When Lazy Daisy fluttered her wings, nothing much happened at all – she hardly made it upto the garden wall, let alone up to the chimney pots to call. But what made all the other birds even crazier, was when Lazy Daisy became even lazier … When it came to doing any work, Lazy Daisy was the first to shirk. If the bird house in the beanstalk needed fixing, Lazy Daisy was out and about, bringing the chicks in. Being chased by cats was much too like hard work, so Lazy Daisy, the crazy crow, much preferred to rest on Farmer Giles’ pitchfork. The scarecrow in the field next to the beanstalk, didn’t scare off Lazy Daisy … Although, the wind flapped his arms, Lazy Daisy stayed put on the farm. When all the crows flew away, Lazy Daisy slept on the scarecrow’s shoulder all day.


Cra – Cra – Cra Crazy Crow Spelling Game

Add the letters C – R – A to complete the words.

__ __ __ b


__ __ __ ck


__ __ __ dle


__ __ __ ft


__ __ __ g


__ __ __ m


__ __ __ mp


__ __ __ nk


__ __ __ nky


__ __ __ sh


__ __ __ te


__ __ __ ven


__ __ __ wl


__ __ __ ving


__ __ __ y


__ __ __ te

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers : crab ; crack ; cradle ; craft ; crag ; cram ; cramp ; crank ; cranky ; crash ; crate ; craven ; crawl ; craving ; cray ; crate

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